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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Day 1 – MiLi Bundle

Christmas is close, and you know what that means. Technoodling and a bunch of our friends has come together to do our annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

For day one, our friends from Mili Philippines has come out with a bundle that one of our lucky winners will win! Here’s whats at stake:

  • 1 Mili Power Crystal (Priced at Php 1,650)
  • 1 Divoom iTour Ozzo (Priced at Php 1,250)
  • 1 limited edition Technoodling T-Shirt
  • A pack of instant noodles

A bundle that’s worth a total of Php 2,900! Sweet!

So what does one have to do in order to be included in our raffle? Very simple.

  • Follow Technoodling’s Twitter and FaceBook page
  • Head on over to Mili Philippines’ FaceBook page and click on the “like” button
  • Share this contest post over FaceBook and Twitter
  • Answer the following question “What was the first Christmas present you received?”

Feel free to join all 12 days of our Christmas raffle!
Day 1 – Mili bundle
Day 2 – Jabra bundle
Day 3 – Marshall Headphone bundle
Day 4 – iPod Touch bundle
Day 5 – Golla bundle
Day 6 – Hisense bundle
Day 7- Kindle Touch
Day 8 – Crumpler bundle
Day 9 – Quirky bundle
Day 10 – Juicy Electronics bundle
Day 11 – MiPow bundle
Day 12 – Sony S1 Tablet

Winners of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway will be announced on January 9, 2012

*Only residents of the Philippines are eligible to join. Prizes will be picked up in the Metro Manila area



Gadgets and video games are what Howard loves and he was fortunate enough to have dabbled in both worlds professionally. A former Editor-in-Chief of a local gaming magazine, Howard is currently busy jumping from one industry to another, analyzing and writing about all of the electronic toys he loves. His favorite noodles: Pork Leg Bihon.

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    • wtan|

      Matchbox or lego.

    • ryuken47|

      “What was the first Christmas present you received?”
      Got a shampoo and body wash this year as my first Christmas present.

    • imcodeweaver|

      What was the first Christmas present you received?

      for this year: chocolates :)

    • jobm|

      A Christmas card

    • I remmber getting a box of 64-pc Crayola crayons in pre-school. That’s one of the first memorable Christmas gifts I can recall. :)

    • imutan|

      an Evel Knievel action figure, thats the first gift i remember.

    • I remembered the first gift I received from my Dad, it was a big pink stuff doll.

    • small_princess1|

      i think my first christmas gift was a doll. the one with the batting eyelids… i used to love that but now it creeps me out

    • kpoplover0394|

      My first gift was a stuffed toy! :>

    • leyo2809|

      My first Christmas present was a LEGO set. :)

    • edraineee|

      If I remembered it right, I was four years old then when I received a barbie doll with a playhouse set:)

    • romellane|

      I remember stuf toys and money from my parents.. ????

    • ramonice|

      the first Christmas gift that i received was 100 pesos from my dad!

    • jarudet|

      I think the very first christmas gift I got was a super hero toy. :)

    • miaka_23|

      Toy soldiers set. :)

    • heira|

      I think my first Christmas gift was a cooking set.

    • nenyalorien|

      First Christmas this year: An Angry Birds tumbler and then two China-made Diaries, for my Bible reading. :p

      As a child? I don’t recall; my parents were’t exactly fond of giving Christmas gifts. :p But there was one Christmas when I really really wanted this set of toy golf clubs. I was 7. :p

      Shared this post on here:!/nenyalorien/status/147987934304419840 And here:


      (Does this have a deadline? Oh no. Either way, trying my luck!)

    • tahjeh|

      Mine was a remote controlled fire truck from my mom

    • appleversusorange|

      A plastic grand piano for kids.

    • xhunter901|

      the first Christmas gift that i
      received was a toy and 100 pesos

    • rekkusu|

      a new HG 1/144 Gundam kit

    • council|

      first christmas gift i can remember was a toy robot.

    • Silverfox44|

      Box of Matchbox cars

    • spraederman|

      R/C Car

    • mikebike|

      my first gift that i can recall is a transformer robot toy. =D

    • carol|

      “What was the first Christmas present you received?”

      for this year? a baking pan from a friend. for they know that i really love baking :)

    • michael.joson|

      The first Christmas present I remember receiving is a Fido Dido figurine!

    • dmar|

      A toy robot.

    • kanimonster|

      the one i remember is a box of crayolas 24 pcs haha

    • iamspikee|


    • azeroth|

      Its a Children’s Book.

    • arra|

      a collection of story books(pinochio etc.)….:)

    • cadz|

      i didn’t remember the first Christmas gift that I’ve receive but the first gift that i can still remember is a felix the cat handbag from my mom & dad.

    • allanoreyes|


    • its only the fist day of december. when my sister gives me a present ,its the BAG that i could not afford because its just too expensive since im just a student. I REALLY LOVED MY BAG. <3 ;)

    • mikko_admu|

      G.I Joe actions figures.

    • avin0324|

      jigsaw puzzle

    • janemanahan|

      Shoes from Santa Claus a.k.a my “tatay”

    • joel x2|

      a terno sando and shorts ;)

    • LazyLanz|

      The first gift I received was a toy car.

    • i think the first Christmas gift i received when i was a child was the huge die cast metal Voltes V toy that can separate into the 5 different ships. i still have it until now, but its mostly broken and missing some parts

    • Kimmmm68|

      my first present is money that i received from my godmother!!!!

    • xamuraix|


    • a small hammer from my grandfather

    • tutzkie25|

      I cant forget my first Christmas gift because it was givin to me after new year and it was my first transformer toy and my first expensive toy at all

    • Phil T Rich|

      from what I can remember it was a cool robot

    • matt_pua|

      A robot that has a sword!

    • i recieve shorts froms my girlfriend :D

    • martinlansang|

      This year I receieved a boxer short :)

    • bishop_hb|

      it was a 20 peso bill :P


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