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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Day 8 – Crumpler bundle

Owning too much gadgets can be a problem especially when it comes to traveling with said gadgets. Good thing companies like Crumpler exist which offers a wide range of bags for the burgeoning road warrior. For the Day 8 of our Christmas giveaway, Crumpler Philippines is offering a very attractive bundle for one lucky Technoodling reader. The Crumpler bundle:

  • 1 Six Million Dollar Home Camera bag
  • 1 Skivvy laptop bag
  • 1 The Captain’s Till Wallet
  • 1 Limited Edition Technoodling T-Shirt
  • A pack of instant noodles

Contest Mechanics

  • Follow Technoodling’s Twitter and FaceBook page
  • Share this contest post over Twitter and FaceBook
  • In the comments section, answer this question: “What brand of bag/bags do you own and use?”

Feel free to join all 12 days of our Christmas raffle!
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Day 8 – Crumpler bundle
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Winners of our 12 Days of Christmas raffle will be announced on January 9, 2012.

*Only residents of the Philippines are eligible to join. Prizes will be picked up in the Metro Manila Area



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