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iPad 3: To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question
Naturally, all of us here at TN want the new iPad. Whether we'll all get it is another matter. Here are our thoughts on upgrading to the new one with the Retina display.
So it’s a new iPad. So what?
A Technoodler stays up for the event, and is sorta ...underwhelmed.
Temple Run for Android landing on March 27
It sure took some time to get here, but now, it's finally confirmed Temple Run is arriving on Android this March...
3rd gen Apple TV, iPhoto for iOS announced
Aside from the newest iPad, Apple also announced several other new treats on the side, namely the 3rd gen Apple TV and iPhoto for iOS app. Head past the break for the juicy deets on these new Apple goodies....
Apple App Store: 25 Billion downloads and counting….
Apple's App Store just recorded a new feat, and it's showing no signs of slowing down...
Google Play App Sale: Asphalt 6, NOVA 2, and several other Android apps all now retailing for just Php20.99
If there's one thing we can enjoy thanks to the arrival Google Play, it's this app sale we have right now. Check out all the discounted apps after the break....
Android Market now officially known as Google Play, Not just about apps anymore…sorta
Google Play is the new home for Android apps. But more than that, it's also your one-stop shop for music, movies, and books too. That is, if you live outside the Philippines....
Apple’s new iPad: tech specs, prices, availability
Apple presented its third-generation iPad, with a Retina display, a new processor, a higher-resolution camera capable of shooting 1080p video, Siri, and a 4G wireless chip.
Nokia Lumia PureView in the works!
Love the Nokia 808 PureView but hate its Belle OS? Then read on as we've got potentially great news for you...