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23.2 million Pinoys use Facebook

The Philippines now has 23.2 million Facebook users, according to Inside Facebook Gold. That’s an astonishing number that invites incredulity. Do we even have 23.2 million people with access to the net?

Actually we do.

In its One Nielsen Industry Presentation last year, research firm Nielsen noted that30 percent of the country has access to the net. That translates to around 21 million people. So the numbers seem to tally.

It also means that –gasp– practically everyone who is on the net in the Philippines is on Facebook!

(Everyone except me, it seems…)

Here’s another interesting factoid. Nielsen states that the ABC market (upper to middle income) constitutes just 16 percent of the Philippine population. That translates to just around 11.2 million people.

If 23.2 million people are on the net, this means that internet access is even more pervasive than many would think, and that around 10 million people from the lower income DE markets are on Facebook.

Yes you snob types, even the people you call jologs are invested in Facebook.

This does make sense when you consider that the Philippines is a fairly “young” country, with almost half the country being under the age of 30. This is definitely Facebook territory as Facebook has a strong following among the so-called “millenials” (roughly those born between 1982 and 2002).



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