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About is the premiere news and reviews site for technology and gadgets in the Philippines. It serves up a unique blend of geekery and fun from a group of nerds, techheads and geeks with a knack for writing and a common passion for noodles.

Jason de Villa is full-time faculty member at the School of Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific. He was a technical writer and editor at an economics think tank before becoming a technology writer and editor for a series of local magazines. He’s passionate about the use of technology in education, and all things Apple. As a teacher, he’s more than willing to share what he knows; his only request is that you come prepared (at least RTFM). His favorite noodles: Ang Tunay na Pansit Malabon

Managing Editor
Gadgets and video games are what Howard Paw loves and he was fortunate enough to have dabbled in both worlds professionally. A former Editor-in-Chief of a local gaming magazine, Howard is currently busy jumping from one industry to another, analyzing and writing about all of the electronic toys he loves. Howard broke into the writing industry as a freelancer for various American and U.K. based tech and video games website during the late 90s. His itch for writing reviews has never been fully satiated which has led him to Currently, he spends his free time playing Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked on his Nintendo 3DS. His favorite noodles: Pork Leg Bihon.

Reviews Editor
Vic Icasas, at various points in life, was (or is): a sports and travel photographer; an international go kart racer; a marathon runner; a toothpaste and fried chicken voiceover talent; an accidental coffee table book cover model; and an unpaid, uncredited extra in a Gary V and Sharon Cuneta movie that you've never heard of. He averages four cups of coffee a day but could probably get by with three. Vic owns and manages a recording studio and composes and arranges music for TV and radio commercials. He is also the Reviews Editor for Technoodling, and that's why you're reading this. His favorite noodles: Papardelle.

Features Editor
Art Ilano is a faculty member at the University of the Philippines. Actually, he’s just there to preserve some semblance of dignity to his name. Otherwise he’s just all over the place. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine Philippines, Managing Editor of Mobile Magazine, an associate producer on a TV tech show that came and went, a management consultant for firms such as Hyundai and San Miguel, a past director of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, a Palanca-winning writer (yeah, he just got lucky there), an award-winning humorous speaker at Toastmasters International, a lecturer and trainer, market researcher, strategic management adviser, and occasionally a partridge in a pear tree. Favorite noodles: Chapchae.

News Editor
Allan holds a degree in Education, but chose not to confine himself to the four corners of the typical classroom. Instead, he decided to go the digital route and take his chances in the blogoshpere, which, to this day, he calls his second home. Having written for the likes of Mobile Philippines, Game! Magazine, PMPToday, and Cellphones ETC (a Canadian mobile phone blog) and some sidelines here and there, Allan’s pretty much a veteran in the tech scene, and is quite happy to bring his passion for tech and gadgets over to Technoodling. Offline, you’ll see him either sweating it out in the badminton courts or dining out in one of the new restos around town, a testament to his two other passions—sports and food. His favorite noodles: cold soba.

Assistant Editor
Kris is currently a twenty-something-year-old freelance writer, editor and slave. She graduated with degrees in Marketing Management and Organizational Communication, but decided to stay away from the corporate world and stick to all things related to publishing. She has worked with various magazine titles in the past (Golf Digest Philippines, Bounce and FLOW). She has an unhealthy obsession with Coke, salmon sashimi and Pocket Frogs. She hates cockroaches, misplaced quotation marks and being told she is gaining weight. Like Vic, she is also an Icasas—only less geeky and much, much nicer. Her favorite noodles: Kalamansi Xtra Big Pancit Canton.

Adel Gabot is a forty-something freelance writer, editor and award-winning fictionist. He used to be Editor-In-Chief of Mobile Philippines, Manual Magazine, Images and Pinoy Rider Extreme. He has also been guest Editor-in-Chief for local editions of Maxim, PC Magazine and Golf Digest. He has been Copy Chief for ABS-CBN Publishing and Group Editor for Hinge Inquirer Publications, and used to teach Magazine Publishing and Writing in La Salle's College of St. Benilde. Adel is also an award-winning writer, having won a Palanca Award for short fiction, among others. He contributes tech articles to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and other publications. In his spare time, Adel loves Macs, old Sean Connery 007 movies, Stephen King books, Green Tea ice cream and a good Merlot. Favorite Noodles: Ma Mon Luk mami (and siopao).

Dickoy's a writer by day (ok, afternoons) and works as a web designer and developer by night. He’s often mistaken for a vampire due to his sleeping schedule. He loves all things Apple and can't stand to be away from his MacBook Pro or iPhone. He's so dependent on technology that he gets anxious whenever there's news of a power outage. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from De La Salle College of St. Benilde. He was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from the same school, although he still doesn't know why. He's written for several local magazines and web sites, and is still amazed that people actually pay him to write. His favorite noodles: macaroni.

Irwin likes his wife's cooking so much he's now almost twice the man he used to be. He was Managing Editor of "Sites and Symbols 2," a photo-historical coffee table book on the buildings in U.P. Diliman, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and where his on-again-off-again M.A. in Creative Writing drags on. He wrote for the U.P. Diliman Information Office for six years before succumbing to the weight gain-inducing ways of night shift web content writing - first in Ortigas, then in Makati. His sudden fiction, "Notwithstanding Pigs," saw publication light first as a Friendster testimonial, then on the pages of "Philippine Graphic" (Feb 2006), and lastly as part of a Vince Groyon-edited "Very Short Stories for Harried Readers" (Milflores: 2007).

Charo has been a geek since she first started programming at the tender age of eight. She's a consultant and trainer specializing in Java and Android technologies and is one of the founders of Mobile Monday Manila, Philippine Android Community and Philippine Mobile Developers. Before all that she was a baker, an amateur photographer specializing in product and nude(!) subjects, a president of the defunct MaPalad (Philippine Palm Users Group), an assistant to an FHM photographer, a writer for an oversized gadgetry magazine, and a member of her college glee club. Charo's also a dog breeder. She considers Soup Number 5 as a playful dish because of the wonderful chewiness of the main ingredients. Her favorite noodles: Pad thai.

Chris DP. Sanchez wears many hats: he’s an NGO consultant, a tech and food writer, a fish and cat fancier and a budding photographer. When he’s not working, he’s happiest traveling - whether IRL or virtually. Follow him at and His favorite noodles: Crispy Chinese-style noodles.


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