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Advisory: Multiply Invite email scam making the rounds

Heads up, guys! There’s a new scam email making the rounds right now inviting social network virgins to try Multiply out. The problem here, though, is that it doesn’t actually link back to the official Multiply site.

For those of you born in the era of Facebook, Multiply was the chief rival of Friendster, largely considered as one the first most successful social networks to hit the web, back in the day. It provides people a venue to easily upload and share photos and videos, and blog too in one convenient site up to this very day. But just like most pioneering social networks sites, it slowly faded in popularity with the growth and continued evolution of Facebook.

Trend Micro blurred out the email so we can’t warn you which site specifically to avoid. But just in case this email from FELICITATION VOUS AVEZ GAGNE manages to evade your spam net, you now know this is nothing more but a scam.

And let this be a good example for you guys, if you receive an email from someone you don’t know, be wary with what it has to offer. And even its from someone you do know, if it’s offering up something either too good to be true or a service that’s highly unlikely to be recommended to you by your friend/family member, don’t give in to the temptation to click the link. Deleting it is the safest way to go.

Remember, curiosity killed the cat. And in this day and age, curiosity will do more than just kill your cat, or in this case, your PC. It might cost you a huge bill on your credit , or worse, lose your identity to someone located halfway across the globe.

Allan David

Allan David

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