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AKG K326 Sports Earphone Review

The AKG K326 brands itself as a “sports earphone” and it certainly looks the part.

The bright yellow cord and handsome grey hardware on my review unit looks like it’s made to pair with a Dri-Fit running shirt or a windbreaker. Moreso, each earbud is endowed with a a large, grippy, bendy and flexible rubber earloop meant to hold things in place no matter how aggressively you’re exercising. And last but not least, the extremely light (but not flimsy) headphone cable has a small set of volume and playback control buttons and a microphone, for manipulating your tunes and taking calls on the run.

For everyday use I prefer earphones that go all the way into the ear canal because I like to hear (and feel) bass in my music. But since these buds rest on the ear instead of in it, the bass is understandably not as prominent. I would still be ok with that if the sound remained relatively balanced but with the K326s I felt like the midrange and high frequencies were a little too sharp for my taste.

Another thing I want to point out is that the K326 is really meant for use with iOS devices. And it says so on the box. How so? Well, the mic and the play/pause button work perfectly. However, the volume and FF/REW keys do nothing on my Samsung Galaxy S II (or any other Android device, I presume). While this is a negative for me, it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if the sound really made up for it. Case in point: my beloved B&W C5 in-ear phones also do not send volume or music playback commands to Android, and yet they’re still my daily drivers because they just kick so much ass.

Speaking of my B&Ws, their mic placement is on the left earbud cable whereas these AKGs have them on the right (and really close to the face!). ¬†When I pick up a cellphone or telephone, I normally hold it to my left ear so it felt a little weird to be using the AKG in my right ear for quick phone calls, the kind where I would only wear one earbud. This is just a personal preference though. In fact, having the play/pause button on the right side suited me better as a right handed person. But yeah, too bad all the other buttons don’t work for me.

To end on a positive note: once you attach the AKGs to your ears, you can be sure that no amount of physical exertion (bungee jumping, Zumba, skydiving, patintero or otherwise) will dislodge them from your head. They’re that secure. But try them for yourself first to see if the sound is agreeable enough for you to want them there to begin with.

Suggested SRP: P3,690


  • Lightweight, well built, sporty (duh)
  • Flexible rubber earpieces very good at staying on your ears
  • Microphone and music playback controls for iPod/iPhone functionality


  • Sound is just so-so
  • Volume and music playback controls may not work for you if you aren’t an iOS user


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