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Anticipated: NeverWet spray – stainproof nearly anything

If you haven’t seen their video yet, you should. And prepare to catch your jaw when it drops.


NeverWet is what is known as a superhydrophobic coating system. It promises to waterproof and stainproof nearly anything that you spray with the two-part system.

Think of the applications: Umbrellas that you no longer need to shake or hang to dry. Cars with paint jobs that let bird poop and other stains just slide away. Sneakers that you can walk into puddles with and come out dry as a bone.

You can even waterproof your mobile device to some degree, as the video demonstrates, though it involves a bit of disassembly.

It’s really an amazing new technology. And it’s now available in the US at Home Depot stores.

Okay, before you go too wild, some caveats.

First, it’s not an instant solution. It’s a two-part coating. Spray the base coat on, wait a bit, and then spray the top coat on.

You’ll need a bit of patience, contrary to the “instantaneous” feel that the video seems to imply. After spraying on the base coat, you’ll need to wait 15 minutes before you spray a second coating. Four coats is advisable. So that’s at least an hour’s work.

Next, you can’t apply the top coat until after thirty minutes or so. Let it dry a couple of minutes before applying a second coat. Four coats is also advisable.

And then you need to let your object dry for 12 hours to reach optimum efficiency.

So yeah, it ain’t an instant fix. And chances are that if you are no handyman, you’ll quickly get bored of the lengthy process of waterproofing your stuff.

It’s also not permanent. The water repellancy eventually wears off, at which point you’ll have to go through the process all over again.

Armchair verdict: Whoopee for a bold new coating technology! But buyer beware, it’s not as instant and convenient as you may think.




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