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Apple comes clean on new iPad “batterygate” scandal

We’ve already heard what Art thinks about the whole new iPad batterygate fiasco. Now, here’s what Apple has to say about it – it’s nothing new!

Well, they actually didn’t put it that way, but that’s essentially what they’re saying.

Speaking to AllThingD, Apple VP Michael Tchao revealed that the new iPad does in fact display 100% charged even if it’s not a hundred percent fully charged yet. It’s near full charge, though, and once it’s all juiced up, it’ll discharge a little bit and charge back up to 100 percent again. This cycle will continue until the device is finally unplugged. So it shouldn’t really be surprising if it’s not 100 percent fully charged even if it says it is.

And he further adds this has been the practice for quite sometime now, not only for the iPad, but aslo for their other iOS devices, namely the iPod touch and iPhone. This charging-discharging cycle actually allows users to keep their iPad and other iOS devices plugged in for as long as they like.

This, in turn, is the basis as to why the iPad/iPod touch/iPhone displays 100% battery life even if it’s realistically just only 99.99998% charged. It would be confusing for users if the battery status was updated in real-time. Think about it – from 100%, it drops down to 99% even if it’s plugged, crazy right? But that’s how it actually is. We just weren’t aware of it.

But what’s really important here is that when the iPad displays 100 percent battery life, it will deliver on its promised 10 hours of iPad use. Actual percent details is already moot.

So yeah, Art was right on the money on this one. Batterygate? It’s really no big frickin’ deal.

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