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Apple outs 64-bit iPhone 5S, lower-priced colorful iPhone 5C

There was no moment of shock and awe –no dramatic new unveiling (remember the iPod nano total surprise from years back?) because, apparently, in this day and age nothing can be kept secret anymore for long.

But Apple still delivered, even if we already knew what was coming. And yes, it was basically the two things that we were expecting:

  • the iPhone 5S. The new flagship of the iPhone family, it’s available in silver, gold and “space gray,” and comes with the revolutionary new 64-bit A7 processor as well as a thumbprint scanner button for identity verification.
  • the iPhone 5C. This is the iPhone 5 made more affordable, and it’s available in seamless polycarbonate cases that come in white, pink, yellow, blue and green.

And so, Apple says goodbye to the iPhone 5. Going against its own norm, Apple decides to get rid of its previous flagship device completely rather than turn it into its lower-priced older model as was its usual practice. Instead, Apple also says goodbye to the old iPhone 4… and uses the iPhone 4S as its lower-priced older phone.

So the new iPhone lineup becomes: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 4S. Take note, however, that the 4S will only be available in 8GB version. That little detail will keep its price from eating into 5C territory.

The new iPhones will be released in select countries (including Singapore, which is closest to home hereabouts) by next week, September 18 20. For the rest of the world, including us, the new phones will be out by December. Can’t wait? Then time for you to book a trip out of town.

Other announcements:

  • New colorful cases! If you don’t feel like showing off your phone’s already colorful exterior, these vivid cases come with microfiber interiors for a completely scratch-free lining. Available for US$29 for the 5C (in silicone) and US$39 for the 5S (in leather).
  • New phone docks! There’s a dock for the 5S and another for the 5C, both selling for US$29. Both have Lightning bays and audio ports. So why two docks? Well, only the 5S dock is downward compatible with the older iPhone 5, while the 5C dock apparently fits only the 5C.
  • New iOS7 operating system! Finally arriving on September 18, and it comes with the new iTunes Radio service. The big deal here is that it will be a big, big (and free!) update for users of iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad mini, and all iPads from iPad 2 and later. Oh, and the 5th Gen iPod touch as well.

We’ll give you more details about what’s new with the iPhone 5S and the 5C in a bit. For now, what we can say is that it’s looking like iPhones will now come in S and C models henceforth.

So… did you stay up late for the announcements?




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