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Apple pulls the plug on iPod Click Wheel Games (and the Click Wheel)

If you’re still hoping 2011 won’t be the year the iPod Classic dies, then turn away now ’cause this bit of news will certainly disappoint you.

Apple Insider reports, and we checked it, that Apple has quietly removed iPod Click Wheel Games from the App Store.

Now why would they do that?

Sure, these type of games may not be the bread and butter of the App Store, but why remove ‘em if there’ll still be devices that’ll be downloading such games?

Only one reason comes to mind, and that’s the nearing demise of the click wheel-equipped iPod Classic.

With the iPod Classic’s discontinuation now all but official, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane with a quick survey on who among you guys out there once owned the classic iPod. And if you did, what are your fondest memories of it? Mine was getting the chance to meet a loft of cool people over at Podcentral, an online forum for iPod users here in the Philippines.

How ‘bout you guys? What are yours?

Allan David

Allan David

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