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Apple’s New iPhone 5s – A Closer Look

Evolution, and not revolution. It’s fair to say that any Apple device with an “s” tagged onto its name is going to be an incremental upgrade to tide you over in between “OMG!”announcements from Cupertino, and the just announced iPhone 5s does not deviate from the script.


A 64 bit architecture powered by a new A7 chip, a fingerprint ID sensor, and a dual LED flash seem to be the most compelling reasons to consider this as your next phone – though if you really really like gold, then this could be your dream phone. That’s because Apple is releasing it in three colors – the aforementioned gold, a more sedate silver, and a dark grey which would probably be my personal choice if I had to pick.


 The iPhone 5s camera also gets a nice boost, in the form of a 15 percent larger sensor, a larger f/2.2 aperture, and a 10-shot per second continuous burst mode. The new dual flash balances the output between its white and its amber element to produce over a thousand color combinations that best illluminate your subject to, well, make it look like you didn’t use flash at all. Other upgrades include a slow motion video mode, auto image stabilization, and even the ability to zoom in while recording video.

Other interesting points include an M7 coprocessor that continuously analyzes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.This bodes well for fitness apps that need to see this data as now it will be less taxing on the battery. Speaking of which, there was very little mention of any improvement in battery life other than to say that with all the new, more powerful hardware  onboard, there would be not be any significant change in power consumption from that of the iPhone 5. Real world usage will of course provide the true story.


 We’ve yet to see what Philippine pricing will be once it hits our shores, but it may be safe to say the 5s will be available here before the Christmas holidays. However, Singapore was mentioned as one of the countries that will be receiving the phone on the September 20th release date, so there’s a quick plane trip in the cards for those that absolutely positively must have one right away. The announced US pricing (with phone contract) was  16 GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399.

So there you have it. Apple themselves know they need to manage expectations every time they call the press to Cupertino for an announcement; their own product page says: “These features are all at the service of people. Not the other way around. And they’re evidence that considered innovation can prevail over rampant technology. That’s progress. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

Exciting? Underwhelming? You be the judge.




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