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Are you having FB notification problems?
Have you checked your Facebook notifications recently, only to be startled to find that strangers seem to be writing on your wall and tagging you in photos?
If so, you are not alone. I opened up my Facebook page last Saturday to find that I had received notification about a bunch of tags, invites, messages and comments from people whose names I didn’t recognize. I immediately logged out and back into my FB account to see if it would clear the problem but the same notifications were still there. I clicked through expecting to be brought to my own wall and photo pages, but insteadI found myself on some other person’s FB page – a student from Philippine Science High School!
However, since I was still logged in as myself and not as this student, I couldn’t access anything more than a basic personal info page.
I cleared my browser cache (Atomic Web Browser on an iPad 2) and tried again, to no avail. The problem eventually cleared up after I moved to a different location (I was at my mom’s house using Sky Broadband) with a different ISP.
In the past few days I’ve received anecdotal reports of at least five other people with the same problem. Interestingly, all five of them also have Sky Broadband as their home ISPs, though it’s too soon to draw any conclusions from that. Also, one of them also reported having the same problem on her (non-Sky) office connection. A few have already changed their passwords out of fear of being hacked.
How about you? Have you experienced this problem? Please reply with your experiences as well as what browser and ISP combination you are using.


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    • yes! i’m using skybroadband. i’ve been experiencing that same situation since last week. i was checking some notifications when i noticed that one of them were from a person who i’m not familiar with. that time, it was only one notification problem. then, i found another problem when i tried searching for that person in my weird notification, the search is acting crazy! i tried searching for the name “jackie” and the instant result were not the ones i was looking for! none of them had a “jackie” word!
      i didn’t mind this problem until i logged in my profile again last monday. the homepage tells me that i have 3 notifications but when i clicked the world icon, 10 more unknown notifications appeared. the search bar is still the same! and its driving me nuts! >:[
      right now the notifications appear to be OK. the search still has the same problem with its instant results. but i found another weird thing just this moment. upon clicking the link on technoodling’s facebook page, the technoodling site didn’t appear. instead, it directed me to this link:
      it a site for some sort of smileys. clicking it the second time will get you to the right link.
      just a question, does the ISP ’cause this problem? or facebook’s system? if sky’s the one causing this, i hope they fix this problem ASAP! its driving me crazy!
      PS: thanks technoodling pips for this post.


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