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Asus Padfone: The Android tablet-phone with a removable phone

We’ve already got a bunch of Android tablets out now, some of which even double-duty as a phone.

But come on, let’s face it. Placing a 7-inch tablet, even more so a 10-incher, beside your face isn’t the most flattering way to make a phone call.

That’s about to change, though, with Asus’ newly announced Padfone . Unlike the tablets we’ve seen so far, this tablet comes packed with a phone literally under the hood.

This, however, is just a mock-up, and its final design could still be changed before it rolls out to the public. But if it were to retain the measurements and features of the devices unveiled at Computex over in Taiwan, what we’re looking at is a 10.1-inch tablet with a dock-able 4.3-inch touting Android phone with a 5-megapixel camera ’round the back.

Here’s a teaser vid for the upcoming Padfone, which also shows off the recharging capability of the tablet once the phone’s properly docked in it:

The rest of its specs, as well as specific release info (ETA is around Christmas), are all still yet to be known.

Asus already has quite an enticing tablet treat in the form of the Eee Pad Transformer. Do they have another hit on their hands with their reinvention of the Android tablet/phone? Only time will tell, but one thing we do know, though. This is definitely one of the more unique tablets we’ve seen in quite a while.

More on this soon.

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Allan David

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    • bad_boy|

      Like an evolution of wossname, the Moto Atrix.

    • Irwin|

      So if you lose your tablet while your phone is tucked inside, you lose not just your phone but your….

    • Irwin|

      On the other hand if the tablet extends your phone’s battery life, and if you dock the tablet to a keyboard, you extend the battery life of not just your phone, but your….

    • Allan David|

      @irwin: Or you can also imagine the look of frustration on a thief’s face when he manages to snag the tablet minus the phone…

    • Does this mean that if you’re using your tablet and the phone rings, you have to pull out the phone? Meanwhile whatever you are doing on the tablet gets lost…

    • Irwin|

      @Allan. That would suck indee. A thief with a tablet he can’t do much with. A Padfone owner with a phone missing its “exosuit.”
      Still, I hope you grab one of these so you can do a review. I already reviewed the Asus Transformer and although I want one, I’ll wait for the Wndows 7 hacked version of it. ;-)

    • Irwin|

      I meant, “indeed.” (Sigh.) autocorrect fail.


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