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By April, Globe “Unlimited” Tattoo plans will no longer be capped

So you have a Globe Tattoo Broadband plan and you’re gritting your teeth because you end up hitting your daily data cap way too soon. Mainly because you keep downloading those torrents even if Globe tells you not to. Still, you’re mad because it’s supposed to be “Unlimited” and yet you get capped.

Well, here’s a bit of good news for you. Globe Tattoo plans will no longer cap their data plans starting April 1. Finally, “Unlimited” will really be unlimited. Let me explain though.

Normally, once you hit your Tattoo plan’s data cap (whether on the per day or the per month), your internet goes bye bye. But starting April 1, your internet access will no longer go bye bye. Instead, your speed will be throttled down. So technically, you’ll finally get true “unlimited” data, except that it will now crawl at a sluggish 256Kbps.

Still good enough for email and chats. And you will no longer be totally blacked out from the net.



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