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Caltex Philippines’ Captain Bubbly: Play to Donate

Caltex Philippines may not be on anyone’s fave list these past of couple due to the continuous rising gas prices, but I urge you to hear ‘em out, even just for today only, and indulge their request.

They’re inviting everyone to try out their new Facebook game – Captain Bubbly’s Enjoyable Journey.

No, there aren’t any mind-blowing prizes up for grabs here.

But what is at stake here is a chance for you to donate as much Php40 to one of the three charities – Project Seahorse Foundation (PSF), Smokey Mountain Team for sports, and Hospicio de San Jose (HSJ) – they’ve partnered with for this game fun offering.

How’s it go?

It’s very simple really. You get to man a hot air balloon as you journey from way up north of the Philippines down to the deep south. There are four stages here – Luzon (North Luzon to NCR), Luzon (NCR to Bicol), Visayas and Mindanao – where each completed stage will earn each player Php10 to donate. Birds, helicopters and planes serve as obstacles on your trip, but don’t worry, they don’t really pose as a serious challenge.

So, care to try it out?

Then Like the Caltex Philippines Facebook page now and start playing over here.

With this game, being charitable is now also more fun in the Philippines…er…Facebook.

Full press release follows:

Caltex rolls out online game for charity
Points turn to cash going to three non-profits

MANILA, Philippines, February 23, 2012 – Caltex, one of the world’s leading energy brands and marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), is helping three charity organizations generate awareness and funding by recently launching an online game called “Captain Bubbly’s Enjoyable Journey”

The game features a hot air balloon which players keep afloat until they reach their destination while dodging obstacles along the way. Obstacles that hit the balloon slow it down and drain the life bar. Game ends when life bar hits zero.

The game which can be accessed after “liking” the Caltex Philippines Facebook page, has four stages or destinations: Ilocos to Manila, Manila to Bicol, Bicol to Bohol, Bohol to Zamboanga. Player earns P10 by reaching their target destination. Player has the option to donate earnings to one of three charities or continue playing. Caltex will convert game earnings to cash donations for charities selected by player.
The three recipient non-profits are Project Seahorse Foundation (PSF) for environment, Smokey Mountain Team for sports and Hospicio de San Jose (HSJ) for education.
CPI Caltex Brand Manager Veronica Pangilinan said, “Caltex has always been active in partnership with non-profit groups that positively impact people’s lives. These disadvantaged groups of people are also host communities of Caltex, living next or near our terminals and facilities. We created this simple online game so that these partner non-profits of Caltex will be able to draw upon a global network of like-minded people.

To create the game and facility for donations Caltex partnered with Ammado, a global funding network for non-profits. Ammado connects non-profits, socially responsible companies and engaged individuals in a unique, interactive environment. It harnesses the power of the Internet to accelerate communication, awareness and fundraising.

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