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Apps perfect for this Valentine’s for you Lumia, Windows Phone users out there

Heads up, Lumia users! Here's an app rundown to help get your Windows Phone in tune with the season of love...

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App Sale Alert! Gameloft Android games for less than Php45
Heads up, Android gamers! Here are a couple of Gameloft games you can download for a fraction of its original cost...... More
Line: 250 Million game downloads and counting
Where Line shares their latest good news and proves to everyone that their more than just a messaging platform...... More
Free App Friday: Desert Zombie Last Stand, SnapPen & more

Free. iOS apps. 'Nuff said. Make the jump for the download links...

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Turn your Android phone to YOUR Android phone with EverythingMe

Like Aviate but hate how it looks? If so, then EverythingMe might just be what you're looking for...

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The Pebble App Store is finally up for iOS! (and soon for Android)
The Pebble App Store is finally launched and brings together all Pebble-related things under one roof.... More
Free App Friday: PDF Connect, Grid Lens & more

Here's another set of free apps you iOS users out there can enjoy for $0...

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Free App Friday: Anodia, iSlash, Eatly & More
Looking to spruce up your iOS device with some new apps? We've got a couple that won't cost you a single penny...err...centavo...... More
Frozen Free Fall gives you your daily doze of Frozen…game style

Frozen. Game. 'Nuff said. Download links after the break...

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Revamped Box app gives iOS users 50GB storage space

Box is promoting its revamped iOS app by giving away 50GB of storage space. For life. Download it now!

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Apps to help you Nokia Lumia users keep your New Year’s Resolutions
Where Nokia shares what apps will help you keep your New Year's resolutions. And yes, just as long as you're using a WP8 phone - even if it's not a Lumia -  th... More
Free App Alert! Soundhound, Rayman Jungle Run & more

Let's kick off this brand new year on a good note - free apps for you iOS users out there...

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Here’s how to enable iOS Maps Turn-by-turn navigation in unsupported countries
Here's a nifty jailbreak tweak for all you guys wanting to take advantage of Map's turn-by-turn navigation feature. Keyword, of course, is jailbreak...... More
Mac App Review: Beamer v1.7.7
Adel wonders why he only found out about Beamer now. But he's finally got it and he says it rocks!... More
12 Apps perfect you Nokia Lumia users this Christmas
New Lumia user and don't know what apps to download? If so, hop on past the break 'cause we've got 12 apps you might wanna check out...... More
App Sale Alert! EA iOS games for just $0.99
Check out EA's massive iOS games holiday sale after the break...... More
Free App Alert! Instapaper for iOS

Like to read a lot of online stuff but don't have a lot of time to stay online? If so, hop on past the break 'cause the free app for the week is perfect for ... More

Angry Birds Go! out now at the App Store, Google Play store
Meet the mashup of Angry Birds, Mario Kart and Skylanders....... More
Android users finally get a “Find my Phone” app
Google released the web-based Android Device Manager service last August, and now you can download the native app straight to your device.... More
LINE Santa Claus needs your help this Christmas
Got a great idea for the children of the world? If so, send it LINE's way and they might just turn it into a reality...... More