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CashCashPinoy Travel: Their Side of the Story
CashCashPinoy responds to our recent article involving negative experiences with their travel vouchers.... More
Sony PlayStation 4 Review
Adel reviews the next-gen game console PlayStation 4.... More
CashCashPinoy Travel Scandal! [updated]
The popular website is offering a bait-and-switch kind of travel promo and washing its hands clean if you get caught in it. (And apparently, we are not alone...... More
Funny Superbowl ads. Now!
Once a year they all come out. Superbowl commercials! Here are some funny ones...... More
iPhone Accessory Review: Newtop Premium Tempered Glass Mobile Phone Screen Protector

Adel finds an inexpensive tempered glass screen protector for his iPhone 5s!

... More
The end of my year-long experiment with Android
Adel (reluctantly) sells off his Nexus 7 and says goodbye to Android. At least for now.... More
Why MP3 must die.
Farewell, MP3. You've served your purpose. Now leave us alone.... More
Dear TN: Why are they capping my data plan?
Art talks about data caps, and why they shouldn't bring out the rage and anger that they do.... More
“Precog” Purchasing. Here’s a better idea.
Here's one way to make a business out of "predicting" customer purchases. No precogs required.... More
Samsung outing curved TVs. And we ask: WHY???
Curved TVs are coming! Curved TVs are coming! That... may be more of a warning than anything else.... More
Movie Review: Her. Sort of.
Adel kind of reviews the new movie Her. And talks to Siri about what's in store for us in the near future.... More
Why Modular Phones and PCs Won’t Work.
There seems to be an emerging trend towards modular devices. Here's why it ain't gonna fly.... More
Why the Moto G is the Best Smartphone of 2013
Here's why Art is convinced that the best smartphone of 2013 didn't come from Apple or Samsung, but from rekindled underdog Motorola...... More
Top Trending Tech from 2013
What does 2013 tell us about 2014 and beyond? Some tech trends that could be leading the way...... More
New Year wish list: Carrier unlocking

After you've finished your contract and paid for your phone, it's only logical for carriers to unlock your phone upon request.

... More
Notable 2013 Gadgets
Adel runs down the best tech of the year that was.... More
Review: The Marshall Stanmore Active Stereo Loudspeaker
Adel reviews the new, expensive Marshall Stanmore speaker, and finds that despite its price, it's worth every centavo.... More
Review: Braven 710 HD Wireless Speaker/Power Bank/Speakerphone
Adel bravened himself enough to review another weather-fighting Bluetooth speaker from Braven. Here's his findings...... More
The best tech writing and analysis on the web

Hungry for some really smart writing about tech? Here's a guide to the best tech writing and analysis on the web today.

... More
Your upgrade cycle is slowing down.
Admit it. You aren't as compelled to get that latest smartphone these days. And you're not alone. Here's why.... More