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Tech Musings: Enrolling in video game subscriptions
In his latest Tech Musings, Adel tells how he finally subscribed (succumbed?) to Xbox LIVE Gold and Playstation Plus.... More
What’s new in Android 4.2.2? Here’s what
Adel reports on the new Jelly Bean update.... More
Geek Diary: Living Life in Numbers
How do you measure your life? Vic has some suggestions.... More
Technoodling goes to the Microsoft Store
What does Howard has to say about his recent visit to the Microsoft Store in Delaware, U.S.A.?... More
Stop calling them “phones”
In which Art does a semiotic deconstruction (and destruction) of the word "phone" and what it still stands for. Any suggestions?... More
Try these apps after you jailbreak your iOS6 device
Here are a few neat jailbreak only apps that might make it worth your while to jailbreak your new iPhone or iPad.... More
Review: Thinksound TS02 In-Ear Headphones
We review an in-ear pair of earphones whose housings are made of wood! Presenting the Thinksound ts02 In-Ear Headphones.... More
Review: Nillkin Leather Cover for the Nexus 7
We review a very nice, Japan-made leather case for the Nexus 7.... More
Tech Musings: A final comparison between the iPad and the Nexus 7
In the latest Tech Musings, Adel compares the iPad with the Nexus 7.... More
Blackberry’s new Z10: Good enough to get BB back into the fight?
If Blackberry’s new Z10 flagship smartphone doesn't take off, there's nothing the company can fall back on. Is it good enough to get Blackberry back into the ... More
Geek Diary: The Geek’s Guide to Good Coffee, Part 2
Brewing a good cup doesn’t require high-tech equipment. Here are some suggestions to get you started.... More
Review: AKG K490 NC Headphones
We review the wonderful, compact noise-cancelling AKG K490 NC Headphones.... More
Tech Musings: The continuing adventures of an Apple user trying out a Nexus 7 for size
Adel wraps up his Tech Musings series on the Nexus 7—surprisingly he likes the whole thing!... More
Geek Diary: The Geek’s Guide to Good Coffee, Part 1
Alright, it’s time for some tech talk that’s really not that techy. And I mean coffee.... More
Tech Musings: I got the Nexus 7. So sue me.
Update from Adel on the latest Tech Musings: he finally got the Nexus 7!... More
How to dual-screen on the Galaxy Note 2
A quick primer on doing multiple windows on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What it can (and can't) do...... More
Tech Musings: That Nexus thing
In the latest edition of Tech Musings, Adel tries to decide whether or not to get another tablet. And the clock is ticking...... More
The best of 2012: Gadgets, accessories, and apps worth buying
Here are the gadgets and accessories and apps that we felt were worth our hard-earned money in 2012, and which we think will be worth yours, too.... More
Tech Musings: Confessions of A Video Game Addict
In his latest Tech Musings, Adel talks about how it is to be a video game addict.... More
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It's beginning to look like Christmas alright, so let's make this quick...... More