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Unboxing: ASUS Zenbook UX32VD Ultrabook
Let's talk packaging. The ASUS Zenbook is the high-end ultrabook offering of this Taiwan-based company. Will the packaging excite you? Let's see...... More
In defense of Globe…
Globe has been taking a severe beating lately for its service disruptions. But we're not seeing the bigger picture.... More
Question: Will Technoodling be doing a Globe LTE vs. Smart LTE review? Answer: YES!
LTE data network is the talk of the town, and Globe and Smart is going head to head ... soon... More
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“iPhone 5? Meh. New iPods? Huwaw!”
That sums up our reactions to the refreshed iPhone and iPods Apple announced just a few hours ago. Read on for more details and chime in with yours.... More
Why I’m excited about Samsung this 2012
The world won't be ending at 2012 but might turn out to be the start of a golden age for Samsung... More
Why the iPhone 5 will still look like the iPhone 4
The iPhone 4S looked too much like the 4. And now the iPhone 5 may still look like the 4. Here's why.... More
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We're finally in the 'ber months — time to start putting together Christmas wish lists! Here are some items yo might want to consider.... More
Tasker Primer, Part 3: Create Widgets on your Android!
Finally, a third installment for our Tasker primer series! And this time, you get to create your very own widgets!... More
Running with friends and tech aids
How does a geek prepare for a race that his friends signed him up for without telling him about it?... More
Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Drive Review
Adel reviews the fast, new Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Drive and finds the included new Social Media backup software pretty convenient.... More
Adonit Jot Touch stylus unboxing
Meet Adonit's newest stylus offering and the star of our first stylus unboxing post....... More
Heartbroken. Love affair with the Galaxy SIII comes to an end
Howard recounts how his short affair with the Samsung Galaxy SIII came to an abrupt end... More
Funko-fy your boring work desk
Bored with the drab scenery in your cube? Guest writer Jan Vincent Ong shares his boredom buster: Funko Pop Vinyl figures.... More
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Hi @Mom and @Dad, Welcome to Twitter
Times like these, you'd want your folks to be onboard the social networks. Here's how to introduce your parents to the usefulness of Twitter...... More
EMERGENCY INFO – Philippine Flood August 2012
In case you need help, or want to offer help. Stay safe, everyone, and we encourage you to help out in the relief efforts in any way you can!... More
Tasker Primer, Part 2: Mute your phone when flipped
Android Tasker users, time to get our hands dirty and create our first task!... More
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The TN guide to the OS X Mountain Lion Upgrade
Practical answers to common questions about upgrading to the latest version of the Mac OS.... More