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Previously on Technoodling (January 28 to February 2)
Here's a look back at last week for Muni-muni Monday aka Previously on Technoodling...... More
Sale Alert! 20% on ALL earphones, 30% on ALL iPhone/smartphone cases, & more!
New week, new year, new sale! And this one has a Zodiac twist...... More
SwiftKey comes to iOS! Kind of.
Finally, we review a SwiftKey app for iOS!... More
Cyber Security Sunday: Spam levels fall in 2013
Here's good news for everyone out there on this fine Sunday morning...... More
8 reasons to buy a 2-in-1 PC
Confession: This one's just a press release. Still interested? If so, then make the jump now...... More
Chinese New Year Promo Alert! Freebies await Apple buyers at Beyond the Box
Yep, freebies. Get all the juicy deets on Beyond the Box's latest promo after the break...... More
Western Digital Launches Consumer and Prosumer Storage Solutions – the WD My Cloud and My Cloud EX4
Western Digital releases consumer and prosumer storage solutions.... More
Free App Friday: PDF Connect, Grid Lens & more

Here's another set of free apps you iOS users out there can enjoy for $0...

... More
Seagate vs Western Digital: Which hard drive lasts longer?
You've probably been asked several times to recommend a external hard drive. Here's some data to help you make that recommendation.... More
Sony welcomes the Chinese New Year with a promo on their 2014 Bravia TVs
The title pretty much says it all. Make the jump to know more...... More
Review: OlloClip 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 5 and 5s
Olloclip's new 4-in-1 lens adds another macro option to an already awesme iPhone accessory.... More
Starmobile Diamond X1 officially priced, First and most affordable local Octa Core ‘droid

And don't be fooled, there's more to this Android than it's octupled processor...

... More
Local Street View launched. Try it now!
Google Street View is here! Hurray for 360-degree street views! And you can try it out now!... More
Previously on Technoodling (January 20 to 26)
We can't let you all over the week's hump without first taking a re-peek at last week's news...... More
Review: CDR-King Lightning-to-MicroUSB Adapter for iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPad, iPad mini and 5th gen iPod touch
Adel continues his "cheap" streak, and finds the adapter of his dreams at CDR-King!... More
iPhone Accessory Review: Newtop Premium Tempered Glass Mobile Phone Screen Protector

Adel finds an inexpensive tempered glass screen protector for his iPhone 5s!

... More
Contest Alert! Design a shopping bag, Win store credit from Beyond the Box!
What shopping bag? And more importantly, how much store credit? Well, simply make the jump and you'll get all the juicy details...... More
The end of my year-long experiment with Android
Adel (reluctantly) sells off his Nexus 7 and says goodbye to Android. At least for now.... More
Beats joins the Bluetooth speaker parade with the Pill
Beats marches to a new beat as they wet their hands in the local portable wireless speaker market....... More
Free App Friday: Anodia, iSlash, Eatly & More
Looking to spruce up your iOS device with some new apps? We've got a couple that won't cost you a single penny...err...centavo...... More