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Online NBI Clearance application is now live!
Welcome to the 21st century, NBI clearance...... More
Review: Incipio OffGrid Pro for iPhone 5/5s

Incipio's OffGrid Pro is a bulky but useful two-in-one combo — a battery case, and an external charger.

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Google Chrome browser extensions transmogrify into adware — check yours now

Chrome browser users beware: some really nifty extensions have been purchased from their original owners and turned into adware.

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Facebook dead by 2017?

Your mom's on Facebook, which is why your niece thinks Facebook sucks now. But is it sucking enough to be dead by 2017?

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ASUS Transformer Book Trio Officially priced in the Philippines

Get a threesome with ASUS' newest Transformer Book offering...

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Free 20GB Skydrive storage awaits select Nokia Lumia buyers
Where Nokia tempts you with the power of the cloud so you make that big Lumia jump...... More
Pay your QC Real Property Tax via your phone with GCash
If only it were as easy to get the benefits we deserve as diligent tax payers...... More
Tech Musings: Upgrading our gadgets – should we, or shouldn’t we?
In his latest Tech Musings, Adel ponders what it really means to upgrade.... More
Frozen Free Fall gives you your daily doze of Frozen…game style

Frozen. Game. 'Nuff said. Download links after the break...

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Previously on Technoodling (January 14 to 19)
It was a slow week for Technoodling, and we try to make up for it with... something.... More
Sinus: Siri for your Mac Desktop
It's here! Kind of. Adel checks out a Siri-like clone for the Mac desktop.... More
Cyber Security Sunday: The truth behind Will Smith and Jackie Chan’s death
Where Symantec gives us the lowdown on this thriving Facebook scam...... More
Revamped Box app gives iOS users 50GB storage space

Box is promoting its revamped iOS app by giving away 50GB of storage space. For life. Download it now!

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Sony officially announces the Xperia T2 Ultra

And by Ultra, Sony means this one is yet another big, bad-ass Android phone/tablet...

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Lenovo outs first LTE Android along with three other new ‘droids

But don't be fooled! Their first LTE smartphone's really got more to offer than just LTE connectivity. Read on to know exactly what I'm talking about...

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Apps to help you Nokia Lumia users keep your New Year’s Resolutions
Where Nokia shares what apps will help you keep your New Year's resolutions. And yes, just as long as you're using a WP8 phone - even if it's not a Lumia -  th... More
Enjoy 20% off on select Sony A-mount, E-mount lenses & Accessories!
From Apples to Korean phones, we now move on to lenses from one of Japan's most well-known and respected brands...... More
Sale Alert! Crumpler End of Season Sale

Bag nerds rejoice! Your fave bag brand is going on sale...

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Promo Alert! Seagate’s giving away an iPad Air, Seagate Central, Free trip to Bali
Yep, you read that right, kiddos! Buy a Seagate, win an iPad. Or a Seagate Central drive. Or a trip to Bali. Interested? Read all about it after the break...... More