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Online NBI Clearance application is now live!
Welcome to the 21st century, NBI clearance...... More
Cyber Security Sunday: The truth behind Will Smith and Jackie Chan’s death
Where Symantec gives us the lowdown on this thriving Facebook scam...... More
Cyber Security Sunday: Kaspersky Labs’ Forecast for 2014
Where Kaspersky Labs shares with us what they see happening in the months to come...... More
Now might be a good time to reset your passwords

A SpiderLabs blog post reports that 2 million accounts in popular online services have been compromised. Time to reset your passwords!

... More
ClickPlay wants to be the iTunes of the Philippines. And it just might pull it off.

Finally, a local video-on-demand service that might just have what ti takes to succeed.

... More
Facebook protest+streets=Million People March to Luneta

What happens when your protest over on Facebook falls on deaf ears? Head on past the break to find out....

... More
Facebook begins to standardize HTTPS to boost desktop-browser security
Facebook's announced that all users of its desktop site will now access the site via HTTPS. Details here.... More
Send, Receive MightyText messages direct from Gmail: Here’s how!
Heads up, MightyText users! Texting on your PC/Mac just got a lot more easier for your Gmail trollers out there....... More
Tatt Awards 2013 voting extended until June 30
Yep yep yep! You've now got more time to vote for your fave blogs and sites at this year's Tatt Awards....... More
Facebook does a Twitter, adds hashtags and video clips features

Facebook launches hashtags in its news feed and video clips in Instagram. Cool, or just playing catchup?

... More – an interesting task list website
Are you always making a list and checking it twice? Then check out Flask, a free web to-do list manager.... More
Adobe drops software licenses in favor of cloud subscriptions
Adobe announced last week that it would discontinue its Creative Suite line and launched cloud subscriptions via its Creative Cloud offering. Is that a good thi... More
Google Drive for Mac and Windows gets a “share with” feature
Now you can share Google Drive files directly from your desktop!... More
Update: Jolidrive gets search ability!
Jolidrive isn't related at all to Jollibee.... More
Yahoo Mail: Now with Dropbox Built In
Do you use either Yahoo Mail or Dropbox? Well, now you can use both at the same time.... More
A visual guide to all of Facebook’s privacy settings
If you're starting to feel uneasy about the idea of Facebook sharing more and more of your information with other people, here's a guide to all the privacy sett... More
Kaspersky Lab shares tips on how to stay safe while trying to find love online
Yes, you can find love online, but you do need to know which one's for real and which one's just a reel for something else....... More
Kaspersky Lab: Threats to Watch out for in 2013
Kaspersky gives you reasons to be scared for your computer's life...... More