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CD-R King Portable Power Bank review

Need power on the go? Before you go off buying those branded portable power gadgets we’ve reviewed in the past, you might want to check out this surprisingly reliable offer from CD-R King.

I need a hero…

In my previous review of the Smart NetPhone 701, I mentioned how I absolutely disliked the battery life on the unit. When you use it for calls, text and the occasional game, the battery will definitely last you a good day without having to plug in. But of course, that’s not the reason you get a Smart NetPhone. You get it because you want to update your Twitter and Facebook accounts all day long. Which means you have to use 3G. Which means you get barely six hours of battery with the 3G just on. So I ended up buying a CD-R King Portable Power Bank.

There are several models of portable power banks available in CD-R King. If you plan to buy one from your nearest branch, you might want to bring along the gadgets you intend to use it with. Test the power banks since some might not work with your gadget. I ended up buying the TM-i3000. This particular model has the following specs:

Polymer lithium-ion battery

Capacity: 3000mAh @3.7V

Input: 5V, 1000mA

Output: 5V, 700mA

Dimension: 115 x 60 x 16mm

Weight: 135g

Charging Time: About 5 hours

That’s about the size of it…

A lot of my friends mistake the CD-R King Portable Power Bank as a first generation iPhone or iPod Touch. I don’t blame them. It really looks like it. It’s like you’re carrying another phone really.

The Portable Power Bank comes with a DC to USB cable and five adapters for the most common gadgets (SE K750 plug, Nokia DC 2.0 plug, iPod/iPhone plug, USB and microUSB). You attach the gadget adapter to the DC plug of the DC-to-USB cable when you want to charge your gadget. I would suggest you use the USB charging cable of your gadget instead though since sometimes the Portable Power Bank’s adapters don’t fit quite snugly into the gadget being charged. You use the same DC-to-USB cable when you want to charge the Portable Power Bank. Remember that it takes about five hours for it to be fully charged, so plug it in just before you go to bed. It would be best to buy a USB charger adapter as a partner to the Portable Power Bank since the only way you can charge this is via USB as well. But you can just plug it into your computer’s USB plug if you’d like.

Plug it in. Plug it in, baby…

To charge your gadget using the Portable Power Bank, you turn on the switch found on the right side. Plug your USB chargeable gadget into the power bank and you’re all set! The 3000mAh battery is a lot of power so it should be able to charge two or three of your gadgets to full capacity before the power bank literally runs out of power. Your mileage may vary depending on how much power your gadget needs of course. There’s a button on the left side that allows you to check on the battery life of the power bank.

Except for the tiny inconsequential stuff like size and sometimes uncooperative gadget adapters, there isn’t really any major dislikes about the Portable Power Bank. I’ve used this not only to get emergency power for my Smart Netphone 701, but also for my other USB gadgets like my Globe MyFi. Yes. I know. The irony.

Bottom line: If you have a lot of needed gadgets that need emergency power, BUY THIS THING. It’s been a dependable life saver for me for the past two months. You can even use it as an excuse to be some cute gal’s (or guy’s) hero. Or simply use it as a mobile charging business.

Price: Php880.00


  • 3000 mAh at a cheap price.
  • Can charge almost any gadget that can use a USB plug.


  • Big size. It’s like bringing around an extra phone.
  • The set of gadget adapters don’t have a snug fit at times. Better bring your own cable.

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