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CD-R King Website pick: CD-R King Concealed Book-Type Safe – a review

The CD-R King website is a mountain of cheap finds. CD-R King customer service is sometimes poor, so we leafed through their website first before buying. Here’s a quick review of a certified geek-find curio: the CD-R King Concealed Book-Type Safe.

The Good

* Enough space for a folded wad of cash, jewelries, keys, USB drives, ATM cards, and small keepsakes. You’ll be thankful for enduring CD-R King customer service for this.
* The cheapest among the safety vaults on the CD-R King website, at P280.00.
* Stacked on a high shelf, sandwiched between boring books, it looks like a cheap dictionary.
* Light enough to be carried by hand. You can quickly pull it off a shelf when you suspect your cover has been blown.

The Bad

* The CD-R King Concealed Book-Type Safe may be the smallest safe on the CD-R King website, but it feels metal-hollow. Paper pages pack a solid, “dense” weight. Once your hand “knows” this, your next instinct is to shake the book: cover, blown.
* A metal case means a noisy jangling of its contents. So stuff it with tissue, cotton, or cloth to mum the sound.
* The book-bind quality and lack of publisher info on the cover are twin giveaways. So put this on a high shelf, in the middle of boring, obscure history and engineering books.
* The “paper” side of the book safe looks plastic – be sure to scruff it a little, give it a little dust for effect. CD-R King customer service won’t teach you subterfuge, so you need to be creative.

The Verdict

Got books in your room that no one bothers to read? Need a place to hide your loots and keepsakes? Maybe it’s time to hide your valuables in plain sight. If locked drawers aren’t your thing, then then CD-R King Concealed Book-Type Safe, at P280.00, is a good enough buy. Just don’t expect the lock to be bent-paperclip-proof. Also, once anyone closely inspects this book-safe, your secret stash is as good as gone.

Curious? Then look up the CD-R King Concealed Book-Type Safe on the CD-R King website.

Irwin Allen Rivera

Irwin Allen Rivera

Irwin Allen Rivera loves his wife's cooking so much he's now twice the man he used to be. He and his wife maintain, where you can read the best short fiction in English, by Filipino authors, for free. Irwin's English essay won a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature in 2012. His philosophical-horror story appears in Philippine Speculative Fiction 8 (2013). He was managing editor and lead writer of Sites and Symbols 2 (2005), a coffee-table book about buildings in UP Diliman - his alma mater (BA Philosophy; MA Creative Writing continuing). He worked at the UP Diliman Information Office before shifting to web content writing full-time. His sudden fiction, "Notwithstanding Pigs," initially a Friendster testimonial, appeared in Philippines Graphic (2006) and in Very Short Stories for Harried Readers (2007).

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    • techie|

      Hi Irwin, I saw the safe and I don’t think its effective in securing your stuff from household help. They’ll know right away that its not a book and can very easily take it out of your home and force it open…

    • Irwin|

      @techie. Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that. Some household help do linger in your room to check out what’s new – clothes, books, magazines, shoes. Against that kind of O.C. help, there’s no point in stuffing the book-safe on a high shelf. It will still stand out. You have a point.
      But you just gave me a good idea for a practical joke…

    • Messie|

      @techie. Place a button that will trigger an alarm so you will know if the book will be taken up it’s place. You can also “DIY McGyver style” a way where it will be really hard to get that book from the shelf, a locking/holding mechanism of some sort where the switch can be found some place else.

      Spy mode on! =D

    • Would be better if the disguise was that of a Bible, you can guilt the would-be-thief into not stealing hehe

    • Irwin|

      @Messie. I’m thinking of a really high shelf. Or, or, or. Just put a couple of magazines to distract household help or a nosy brother, like Yes! or last month’s FHM. Problem solved. :D
      @Howard. A Bible might work nga. :D

    • bad_boy|

      Irwin: Put a bunch of dead cockroaches. They probably won’t bother doing it again (especially if the cockroaches aren’t really dead).

    • spidergrrl|

      Wondering about the efficacy of this safe from would-be techie thieves, since it’s already pretty well advertised. Hehe. It’s easy to make your own, though. Use an uberboring book from a secondhand store and you’re all set. :D

    • Irwin|

      @spidergrrl. I’ll look into a DIY of this, one using a real book, with emphasis on getting away with both the look and feel of a book.
      @bad_boy. Good suggestion. But I’ll have to time my catching of the roaches with the room visit of the household help, that way either naghihingalo or still panicking yung mga roaches pag let out sa kanila. Ah, good times.

    • spidergrrl|

      @Irwin: I’ve got a couple of DIY instructions stashed away somewhere. No locking mechanism, though, but that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. :D Also, re: roaches, they’d probably survive for a while if you put a piece of moist bread in there. Just sayin’. :D


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