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Cheapest netbook ever?

The Indigo Networks brand of netbooks may very well be the cheapest netbooks in the commercial market today. And by commercial market we mean excluding those sketchy netbooks that you see in tiangges or Divisoria.

(We’re not even counting CD-R King’s P15,500 Fastbook which is technically more laptop than netbook.)

How cheap? The Indigo N1020 has broken the 10,000 peso barrier. With a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, 10.2″ SVGA LED screen, 1GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive, this netbook can be yours for just P9,490.

At this price you could practically break it up into its parts and possibly make a few pesos out of it. Let’s see… hard drive, P2,750; RAM, P800… Okay, maybe not. Still, this has got to be a razor thin profit margin.

The N1030, meanwhile, features a slightly faster 1.83GHz Atom processor for P9,990.

If you know of any other brand new netbook that’s cheaper than this, let us know. But for now, I would think that this holds the crown.

Compex carries the Indigo units.



Art is a long-time editor for a number of technology publications. He is a Palanca-winning writer (he got lucky) whose day job is to try to be as serious as possible while being a management consultant and lecturer. His favorite noodles: chapchae.

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    • bad_boy|

      I wonder what the warranty is like on these…

    • @bad_boy I wasn’t able to ask. Or maybe it’s meant to be a disposable laptop anyway haha!

    • Messie|

      With that price tag, I am assuming that this does not come with any OS pre-installed. Am I right Sir Art? :)

    • bad_boy|

      Art: Heh, most likely. Good for kids, I guess.

    • dipdohpa|

      i had someone ask. comes with full blown linux and office suite. skype and a whole bunch of other goodies preinstalled. 1 year warranty. made the by the same company that makes the firefly cellphones. can’t really go wrong if they offering a 1 year warranty…IMHO. But it would be interesting to hear from someone that bought one. Geez at this price i might just buy one to check it out. give us more pics!

    • @dipdohpa Hey thanks for doing the legwork! That’s really useful information. And I’m with you that at that price, it’s quite tempting to try out. :)


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