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Cherry Mobile Cosmo Review

Cherry Mobile, purveyor of affordable feature phones and smart phones is at it again. Not content with releasing budget friendly Android phones like the Nova, Orbit and Magnum, they’ve come out with another phone that’s a competent contender in the entry level market, the Cherry Cosmo.

OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz
Display: Capacitive 3.2” HVGA Touchscreen (320×480)
Wireless Connections: 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, FM radio
Memory: 512 MB ROM, 256 MB RAM, Micro SD expansion slot
Connectors: 3.5mm stereo audio jack, standard micro-USB port
Camera: 2 megapixel
Price: Php 6,889


Nice looking back side

The Cherry Mobile pedigree
The first thing that struck me when I handled the Cherry Cosmo was how substantial it felt in my hands, it was small yet heavy enough that it didn’t feel cheap. The aluminum battery cover is definitely a nice touch and it subtly differentiates the Cherry Cosmo from the competition. Just like other Cherry Android phones before it, squeezing and twisting the Cosmo doesn’t produce any creaking sounds or any slight movement of its body, a testament of its sturdy construction.

On the front, the Cherry Cosmo looks just like any other Android phone; a full touch screen phone with four soft buttons on the bottom of the screen followed by clickable track pad right below it. On the backside, the aluminum battery cover sits in the center which completely flushes flawlessly with the rest of the phone. Overall. I like how the Cosmo is designed, while it doesn’t break new barriers, it represents the typical smartphone design that we’re all so comfortable with. And being comfortable is a good thing.


The 2 megapixel shooter of the Cherry Cosmo

Slow and steady
After being used to using phones that has at least a 1 GHz processor, going back to a 600 MHz powered smartphone can honestly be a not so pleasant experience. Understandably, the Cherry Cosmo is not targeted to power users like me, but is instead one made for the entry level segment of the market. But as far as performance goes, the Cherry Cosmo performed a little bit sub par. I compared the Cosmo with other Android smartphone that also runs on 600 MHz and the Cosmo does seem to lag a bit in terms of UI transitions and basic navigation. However, since the Cosmo is using a QUALCOMM processor, it performed quite admirably when it comes to long term usage. No hang-ups and freezes, the Cosmo is one stable phone.


Out and about
As a phone, the Cosmo is a solid performer. No dropped calls with good signal reception and a clear mic that transmits voice clearly. Battery life is nothing spectacular, it last as long as any other smartphone, with moderate data and call usage, the Cosmo almost lasted a regular workday. If you’re a heavy user that do frequent IM sessions and FaceBook status updates, remember to invest in a car charger or portable battery charger.

Pictures taken with the 2 megapixel camera of the Cherry Cosmo is, for a lack of a better word, crappy. With the advances in camera sensor technology, one would think that a 2 megapixel shooter released in 2011 would be able to take better pictures. But alas, this is not the case with the Cherry Cosmo.


Cherry Mobile has once again come out with a solid offering; an Android Smartphone that works at the core level and is a perfect jumping point for those looking to graduate from feature phones and into the world of smartphones. Make no mistake, the Cosmo is far from perfect, overall slow performance and lousy 2 megapixel shooter are potential turn-offs. But with its low asking price combined with impeccable build quality, the Cosmo is undoubtedly a good buy and is one of the better entry level Android smartphone available in the market.


  • Good build quality
  • Nice design
  • Low price


  • Lousy camera
  • Overall slow performance, 600 MHz just doesn’t cut it anymore
  • Still stuck on Froyo when other Android phones are already on Gingerbread


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    • brix|

      Same as the Samsung Mini, 3.2 capacitive screen and 600 MH z Processor. Not adviceable to buy this phone. Samsung much better. Samsung Mini price is 6,850 while Cherry Cosmo is 6,889. Even a few pesos expensive. They are both Froyo .


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