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Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon Phone Review

Cherry Mobile has made a name for themselves for being the go to guys for budget-friendly phones. Though many will suggest that a budget-friendly price is synonymous to a cheap-quality phone, Cherry Mobile disproves that argument, and the Cherry Mobile W900 ‘Dragon’ phone is living proof of that.


True, on paper, it’s really not that impressive. A single-core processor is sooo yesterday, but as I’ve mentioned before, don’t be deceived by what you read. Its 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is actually this ‘droid’s crowning glory.

Thanks to the ‘Dragon’ under the hood, the W900 can go toe-to-toe with any – yes, ANY – dual-core ‘droid out now.

And even if theW900 only runs on Gingerbread, Cherry Mobile made sure you won’t miss Ice Cream Sandwich so much as they’ve preloaded this baby with a few treats to make the ‘Dragon’ a bit more interesting and enticing.

One fine example of this is the Cherry Mobile W900‘s ECO mode, which can be activated with one flip of a switch (on the side). This will give you quick access to pertinent settings (WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness, etc) to help you conserve battery life. It also gives you info on memory capacity and battery life, as well as the ability to enable a particular mode/profile (editor mode, sleep mode, cinema mode, conference mode) for custom settings apt for specific occasions.

The W900 also allows you to assign different wallpapers to the different home screens, or one that cascades through all the home screens.

But what many will probably appreciate the most is its new camera modes (lomo, wink, smile, panorama, etc) and real-time face effects (big head, mosaic, etc). Panorama here works similar like what others call a panorama sweep. You just hit the shutter button, sweep the through the scene you want to capture, and presto! You’ve now got a sweet panorama shot.


As cool as this is, I do have a beef with how Cherry Mobile decided to implement panorama shooting on the W900. Unlike with the HTC Sensation and what Sony (Ericsson) has, there’s no guide whatsoever on the W900 to show you when your shot will end. Heck, you’re not even provided an option as to how wide your panoramic shot is. Your basically at the mercy of the app. It’ll stop shooting when it wants to stop shooting. For the most part, this isn’t exactly a bad thing, but let’s face it, there are times when you want to take a snapshot of a select scene only, not the whole 9 yards.

As far as the end result goes, it’s decent, just as long as you don’t zoom in. Below is a scene shot by the W900 compared with the one taken by the HTC Senation using panoroma mode. Even though these two shots look like they were taken at different vantage points, these were actually taken at the very same spot. Zoom in to see the difference.

Boracay beach-scape by the Cherry Mobile W900

Boracay beach-scape by the HTC Sensation

The shot by the W900 looks more vibrant, but notice how you can still read some of the text on the placards posted around the watch tower in the HTC Sensation panorama shot (which you can’t on the one taken by the W900). Granted the HTC Sensation has a better 8MP camera, I was still expecting the W900 (with a 5MP cam) to perform better than it did. But yeah, neither of the two are hardly qualified for large print developing.

Oh, and before I forget, panorama mode hardly works in poor lighting too. And since we’re on the topic of photography, one other gripe I have is its lack of flash.

Don’t expect to be wowed by its UI and widgets either. It’s pretty boring. To be fair, I honestly think it’s their choice to go with a simple UI we’ve got to thank for the speedy performance on this baby. That said, I still believe they could have done a better job with the UI without sacrificing performance.

The same goes with its unoriginal over-all design and form factor.


For less than Php10K, the Cherry Mobile W900 is still a pretty sweet deal. It’s wickedly fast and comes preinstalled with some added nifty goodies. Sure, it’s not perfect, but at its price, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. And to be frank, its misgivings doesn’t really ruin the whole Android experience, and whatever it lacks (except hardware-wise, of course), I’m sure there’s an app that can fill the gap just waiting to be downloaded at the Google Play store.

PRICE: Php9,999


  • Surprisingly fast
  • Cool camera effects and modes
  • Very reasonable price


  • Unoriginal design
  • Boring UI
  • No flash for the camera
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