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Crumpler Kazoo Review

Not exactly a belt bag, but not exactly a backpack either. Crumpler’s Kazoo straddles the fine line between being a marsupial pouch and a turtle back storage but still manages to be as funky and useful as Crumpler bags are known for.

The first time I laid my eyes on the Crumpler Kazoo, I had a bunch of ideas going through my head as to how I was going to use it and I wasn’t sure which exactly would work best. I can strap it to my waist and use it as a belt bag, I can also toss it over my shoulder and use it as a sling bag, or I can simply grab the straps and carry it around me like a hand bag. In the weeks that followed, the Kazoo proved to be quite versatile and can be used all the ways that I can think of.


Inside the Crumpler Kazoo

Aside from the versatility of the Kazoo, its storage capacity also exceeded my expectations. Looks can be deceiving and the Kazoo can store more stuff than I would give it credit for by simply looking at it. This is definitely a case of the Kazoo being bigger than it looks. I’ve managed to squeeze in a ton of stuff into the Kazoo from water bottles, and extra shirts to the stash of gadgetry I carry everyday.

As with all Crumpler bags, the Kazoo is very tough, the patented “chicken tex” material that Crumpler uses shines on the Kazoo, you can treat it as rough as possible and the Kazoo’s no worse for wear. The zipper’s very durable, it has never malfunctioned or gotten stuck on me during the weeks that I used it. The hardened plastic used for the Kazoo’s buckles and clips is also very tough, can easily withstand a ton of abuse.


What's inside? An Ixus camera, water bottle, pack of smokes, Huawei E5 Pocket WiFi, iPod Touch, BlackBerry Bold 9900, leather wallet, Mophie portable charger and still the Kazoo has space for a few more gadgets

Crumpler bags in general gets a bad rap for being on the expensive side, but for the price of Php 1,850, the Kazoo is a really good buy. Not only is it one of the most versatile bags I have ever used, it also can accommodate a lot of stuff and its quite durable to boot.


  • Versatile, can be used in a variety of ways
  • Huge storage space
  • Good build quality, can definitely last a long, long time


  • Only available in color black

Price: Php 1,850

Availability: All Crumpler Concept Stores



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    • azeroth|

      i will wait for 2012 year end sale of crumpler :(

    • techie|

      Hi Howard, nice bag, but I wouldn’t recommend it when traveling, especially to places where pickpockets rule the streets.


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