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“Don’t get a DeVant!”

Before anything else, let me just say that I know people who have bought DeVant devices and are perfectly happy with their purchases.

That said, well, I do have to share this just the same.

So last March I did get a 46″ DeVant LED TV, one of their top of the line models. Why? Because I was impressed by its picture quality and high frame rate that made for really butter-smooth movements onscreen. That, and it played back MPEG videos on its own (and boy do I have lots of those). Plus, it was DTV-ready.

But just three months later it already developed a problem: lines crisscrossing the screen.

It happens, I thought. I mean, even Vic’s new killer Samsung LED TV got a problem soon, so I took consolation in that fact that, well, sometimes these things happen.

So I go to the nearest service center. Good thing today’s flat TVs are feather-light for their size. Imagine carrying a 46″ TV back in the day when they were still CRT displays. I had a 32″ RCA TV/monitor nearly crush me to death once. But that’s another story.

Anyway, over at the service center, the repair team was really nice and accommodating. Thing is, there was also another person there, a woman who was having her TV fixed as well.

“Devant yan?”, she asked.

Yup, I said.

“Naku, sabi na nga ba eh!” Turns out that she was having her DeVant fixed as well. What really pissed her off was that her TV was already out of warranty when it decided to conk out, and she still has a couple of years left to pay for it. Worse, it was the motherboard that had to be replaced, which meant some 10,000 pesos.


And then she went into a long rant against DeVant.

“Yung kaibigan ko nga, pinuntahan mismo yung DeVant sa Binondo. Tapos nung sinabi nila kung magkano, binasag na lang niya yung TV sa harap nila sa galit niya!”

Apparently, she claims that there are a lot of unhappy DeVant TV buyers, and usually the problem involves the screen breaking up into lines or something like that.

I listened patiently while she ranted.

“Don’t get a DeVant!,” was her parting advice.

But I thought well, perhaps that’s just selective perception at work. In other words, now that she had a bad impression of DeVant, the only thing she remembers henceforth are all the bad words about it. I still looked forward to having my TV back home in normal working order.

It took some time, but my TV finally arrived back from Binondo, ready for pickup at the service center. The repair people were cheerful and demoed it to me, and all was well. And thanks to its relatively light weight, I didn’t need help lifting and setting it up back home. As opposed to the time when I tried to lift an old 32″ TV/monitor and it nearly crushed me to death.

I turn it on… and… nothing.

Apparently, this time it just suddenly deciced to develop a power problem.


So now the parting words of that angry woman in the DeVant service center are ringing in my ears.

I’m not going to go so far as to warn people against buying a DeVant TV. After all, their feature sets can be quite impressive.

But, let’s just say that the buzz is not encouraging right now.



Art is a long-time editor for a number of technology publications. He is a Palanca-winning writer (he got lucky) whose day job is to try to be as serious as possible while being a management consultant and lecturer. His favorite noodles: chapchae.

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    • azeroth|

      thanks for the advise. my mom is planning to buy a flat screen tv this coming november or december. :) hope you come up to a post that list some of your suggested lcd/led tv’s. im sorry for what happened to your tv.

    • iamkeanplanas|

      I have a 24″ DeVant LCD TV in my room. I’ve been using it for almost 4 years, and I haven’t experienced any problems yet…

    • @IamKeanPlanas Good for you! Here’s hoping that I get so lucky once my DeVant finally gets fixed. I’d love to have it run for 4 years straight too. The specs are impressive and the picture quality was pretty good.

    • ajpineda|

      Hi Guys, I also got 40MEL150 a month ago and sad to say I replaced it 3rd times already. It was the clouding issue the first and second time,the 3rd time it was the black line accross the screen. The dealer said it was a dead pixel so they replace it once again. It was rediculous huh! I know that I should let it go and find another brand but sadly I can’t find another with the same feauters that it has. I brought the 4th one home and after reading this thread I started to get really nervous of what will happens next, btw my first devant was more that 3 yrs old already and without a single issue whatsoever that’s why I’m still leaning towards devant. Hopefully it was a good buy afterall.

    • rogz22|

      Hi to all! i have devant TV and it works fine for me. no problem at all. 42″ LCD TV.

      My neighbors have samsung 32″ blurd kibali kung sa celphone technician pa sira ang FLEX.

      And Classmate of wife have also 40″ LG TV sa awa ng Panginoon dead na ang TV nya. 1 year after warranty 15k daw gastusin kung e replace ang LED Screen nya.

      I think yung LED TV ang may deperensya dahil pag pundido kasi yung mga bulb na kibali yun ang resolution nya yung isang linya apektado yun ang vertical line na tinatawag nyo…

    • kenericjavier|

      I bought a DEVANT 32″ LED TV last Friday.. It was perfectly working until today that I noticed a “cloudy” patch on the top right corner of the screen.. Looks like dead pixels and it’s more obvious if the room lights are turned off..
      Just had my replacement today from Automatic Centre.. We tested the TV for possible problem.. The screen looked okay because the showroom was very vivid. I asked the sales man if he can turn the lights off but he said it’s not possible..
      Went back home, set it up hoping that the replacement is in good condition.. I got disappointed.. It even worse than the first tv that i got..
      You may check the video i took just few minutes ago. Here’s the link

      Is this just normal?? I dont think so..

    • xangsane18|

      My mom and I bought the same (32MEL150) last night (12-28-12) at SM App Ctr, SM Marikina. Well, I was a bit misled because the specs on their site ( is different from what me and my brother oserved (it says its “EDGE LED” but its not. We said it’s ok basta may TV kami that we can use.

      But I stumbled upon these negative reviews throughout the web community. I mean, it’s a bit waste to return it in exchange with samsung, LG etc. kasi it comes with a Free NEXT BASE DVD player (kahit may player na kami). So, can you guys advice me a couple of things to consider RETURNING it in exchange for better and established brands… THANKS!!

    • rcvillaflor|

      In connection with these DeVant LED or LCD tv’s, i had my DeVant LEDtech 32″ tv and been using it for almost 4years and never have been encountered any defect after all. I think some brands or company manufacturing LCD, Plasma, and LED televisions are doing their best to manufactured first in its class, but there’s always thing we called company or manufacturers defect for some electronic parts of it wasn’t made of their own, they always had a different suppliers manufacturers of the inside parts which the quality are low, maybe they better off had a review about it and we the consumers must be aware by choosing the best brand for the new revolution of our technology today.


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