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Facebook protest+streets=Million People March to Luneta

Our humble blog’s name maybe a bit confusing as to what we’re all about, but our content says it all. Technoodling is all about tech and everything that’s nice and shimmery and that gets gadget junkies all excited and frothing at the mouth.

And while the pork barrel scam maybe is definitely the farthest thing from tech, we just can’t turn a blind on this issue, with the attention it’s getting on TV and, most notably, on Facebook, these past couple of days, especially now that no less than the President has struck down the option of abolishing the PDAF, or more popularly known as the pork barrel, to prevent further misuse and abuse.

So what’s one to do when those they elected into office choose not to listen to the public’s outcry over on Facebook?

Go the non-tech, old-school route and hit the streets, that’s what!

If you’re one of those fed up with how the government is (mis)handling this whole mess and would like to take your disgust to the next level – provided the torrential rain stops, of course – then join the “Million People March to Luneta” on Monday, August 26, at Rizal Park in Manila – in front of the Luneta Grand Stand, to be exact – to show your support for the abolition of the long-standing, controversy-laden pork barrel. Wear white, and be there at around 9 in the morning. Think of this basically as a new People Power, not to topple an institution, but rather, to instill reform in a corrupt one.

But unlike the usual People Power, this isn’t a rally, or a march. They’re calling this one a simple gathering of people with the same agenda – to remind those in office who the real boss is, and send the message that the pork barrel should be scrapped and those involved in the whole scam should be charged accordingly.

Need more info?

Check out the full story here, or better yet, hop on over here for the event details.

Allan David

Allan David

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