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Free Facebook, Twitter, email access on your phone via M.Globe

Want to access your email, Facebook and Twitter on your phone for free? If you’re on Globe, now you can thanks to their new mobile portal –

No, I’m not kidding. It’s really free. And better, you don’t need to send in special codes every time you plan to use this, nor does this come with an expiration date.

Just text m.Globe to 2910 and that’s it! You’re done!

You can now visit, and get quick updates from Facebook, Twitter or even read your email and view your current balance without having to spend a single centavo, just as long as you use the MyGlobe Connect APN ( IMPORTANT: READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

And if you think this is only for those snazzy new full touchscreen phones, this is where you’re mistaken.

This service is actually compatible with all types of phones that can access the internet, whether it be via 3G, 4G or the very basic GPRS and EDGE which pretty much covers the entire local mobile phone spectrum.  Talk about retro-cool.

Android users can also download a widget from

For more info, you can head on over here.

Now everyone can have their fair share of Facebook, Twitter and email on the go. Okay, maybe not yet everyone, but you get what I mean.


Remember, this will only work if you swap APNs. If you don’t, then you end up getting charged for regular internet rates on Globe!

Essentially, what you’ll be doing is going online via Globe’s ancient WAP site. Yes this is slow, but there’s the rub. This is why Globe is now giving access here away (Recall that, once upon a time, accessing WAP cost 50 centavos per kilobyte. Man, those were the days…).

On Android, for instance, swap your internet APN from to and that’s how you do this. Now you’ll be able to get unlimited email, FB and Twitter checks via the Globe app. But you won’t be able to do high speed surfing–you’ll have to swap back for that.

I say this is a great deal though, especially for those of you who have phones that you don’t use to surf the net anyway.

Allan David

Allan David

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    • affieyap|

      “Standard internet browsing rates apply when using the m.globe app for Android mobile phones.” –> this is confusing. If it’s supposed to be free, why is this line included? It makes me think twice about using the m.globe app on my Android phone :(


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