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Galaxy Nexus ‘Volume Bug’ discovered: Will silence your Nexus for you

We’ve seen our fair share of bugs and glitches on mobile phones, but this one has got to take the cake for the weirdest one in the era of the Android.

This video demos how a Galaxy Nexus is able to cycle through its onscreen options by merely placing another phone next to it. Normally, you can only do this via the volume button.

This is the handy work of what everybody is calling now  volume bug.

What does it do?

Under certain conditions, like having a phone placed next to it, the volume on the Galaxy Nexus gets altered on its own.

Can it be resolved by simply pressing on the volume up button?

You’d think so, right? But as a user over at the XDA Forums shares, it’s not that easy. He tried to win the ‘volume‘ war with his Galaxy Nexus when he received a call by pressing the volume up button, but to his dismay, the volume bug won.

From what we hear, this issue is so far limited to UK units of the newest Nexus phone and only happens when the Galaxy Nexus is using the 900MHz 2G band. That said, other regional variants of the Galaxy Nexus can also be inflicted with this volume bug, but since it has yet to roll out in other markets, there’s currently no way to check just yet.

So, who do you guys think is to blame for this weird bug on the Galaxy Nexus – Samsung or Google? Many are saying it’s Sammy’s fault, and given this looks more like a hardware design flaw than anything else, they may have a point here.

But I guess the more important question is, are they acknowledging this bug and doing something about it? That’s something I’d be more interested to find out. And hopefully, it’ll be answered much sooner than later.

via GSMArena

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