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Gilding the Nokia: the new (and ultra-luxurious) Nokia Oro

Nokia’s C7 smartphone is many things, but it’s also more than a bit staid and businesslike. (We imagine that if phones had personalities, the C7 would be something of a shrinking violet beside its more stylish and glamorous siblings, but then that’s just us.) Neither has the C7 been all too successful in a world dominated by more strikingly styled and flashier phones, such as any one of the ultra-luxurious Vertu models.

Perhaps in an attempt to try and improve the C7′s fortunes, Nokia has given the phone its Cinderella moment. The company has announced a new upscale variant of the C7 that’s known simply as the Oro.

You know how the glamorous and famous don’t really need to use their last names…

The Oro has it all over the basic C7 in bling alone. Its external frame is made of 18K gold. Its menu keys are sapphire glass. And its sides and rear are swathed in Bridge of Weir leather (yes, the very same Scottish manufacturer whose ultra-luxurious leather takes pride of place in Aston Martin luxury sports cars and other exclusive products the world over).

Nice stuff if you can get it – and this gussied-up model isn’t exactly going to be easy to get. It may only be sold in Russia, at least for now, and at the eye-watering price of 44,990 rubles (a hair over US$1,600) to boot. Oh, and caveat emptor as well: beneath the premium external fittings, the Oro is no more and no less than a run-of-the-mill C7.

So, as our Russian friends might say, da (yes) or nyet (no)? Do you think a glorified C7 makes splurgy sense?

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    • mendozil|

      ridiculous. no really.

    • otakuchan|

      tapos mananakaw lang… lol

    • bad_boy|

      With Symbian on the way out, was this the best the Boys in Finland could come up with? ;)

    • Very expensive. I will never invest in that kind of gadget to meet my important calls and texts.

    • azeroth|

      uhm just a question, are you going to put this at your raffle list if ever? :) :):) jsut kidding.


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