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Globe: LTE available to everyone on LTE-enabled devices

Now that we know what SMART’s got to offer LTE-starved iPhone 5 users after the release of iOS 6, let’s move on now to what Globe’s got over on their side of the LTE fence.

Just like SMART, they won’t be charging current postpaid subscribers any additional fee for LTE use. Just as long as you’ve got an LTE device, you’re good to go. And when I say an LTE device, I’m not just talking about the iPhone 5. I’m talking about any LTE device, not just Apple’s. So if you’re jotting down notes, this is where the two rival network don’t meet eye-to-eye. Unless, of course, we misunderstood what they announced, ’cause that title up there is a direct quote from Globe’s PR.

The other is in the deadline. SMART’s offer ends when April does. Globe’s? What deadline?!

No, seriously. We’d like to know if there is one ‘cause, based on their press release, there’s none. So until we hear otherwise from Globe, LTE will be free for all subscribers using an LTE device to enjoy, regardless of plan.

Allan David

Allan David

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