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Google Drive now Live and Official! Get it now (if you can)!

Aaaand it’s official!

Google Drive is now live – well, in some parts of the world, at least – absorbing what once used to be called Google Docs.

And just as we’ve heard before, it offers up 5GB of free storage and there are Google Drive apps for both Windows and Mac OS X available to make syncing from one’s desktop/laptop a breeze. There’s also one for Android (get it here), and one coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad) soon.

Here’s the short vid to give you an overview as to what Google Drive is all about:

So yeah, it’s pretty much like Dropbox, spruced up with support for collaborative work courtesy of Google Docs.

Is Google Drive a Dropbox killer?

Definitely not. Not right now, at least. You can enjoy Dropbox on just about any device and on any platform. We obviously can’t say the same about Google Drive at this point in time.

Is Google Drive a Skydrive killer then?

Possibly, but with Skydrive offering 7GB of free storage by default, some users might actually be swayed to go for Microsoft’s cloud solution because of the additional free storage.

What might really end up as a major casualty here is Insync, which does the same thing but isn’t as popular as Google Drive nor does it come with the same amount of free storage (only 1GB) and doesn’t currently have any mobile apps to offer.

One thing working on the side of Inync, however, is that Google Drive hasn’t gone live yet across the globe. Heck, I don’t think it’s live yet in the Philippines as of this posting since I still can’t access it.

But yeah, it’s only a matter of time before that happens, and when that day comes, unless the devs can pull off a hat trick, Insync could soon become – knock on wood – extinct.

Read more on the grand announcement of Google Drive here.

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