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Google Latitude for iPhone now Available

Are you a Google Latitude user? No? Well, neither am I. But if you are and you own an iPhone 4/3GS, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now officially an app that’s available for your iOS device. Yes, Google Latitude is now ready for download at the App Store. For $0.

For those of you unfamiliar with this Google offering, Latitude is basically a free service that allows you to located your fellow Latitude users on a map. Worried about privacy? Fear not as this is all opt-in. Meaning, you’ll need to authorize people before they can follow you, and vice-versa for those people you want to follow.

And if you don’t want to be followed, there’s also a Hide Location option you can enable. Cool, right?

Here’s a video to better show how useful this new nifty little app is:

With Google Latitude, you can now say goodbye to Wru? SMS messages. Well, maybe not completely, but at least it’ll help.

Google Latitude is compatible with the iPhone 4/3GS, iPad, 3G/4G iPod touch with at least iOS 4.0 installed. Sorry, iPhone 3G and 1G/2G iPod touch owners, you’re out of luck with this one. But don’t lose hope. They did reveal over at the Google Mobile blog that they’re “continuing to work on expanding support to more devices” so there’s still a chance you might get to enjoy Latitude on your old iOS device in the near future.

Allan David

Allan David

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    • jetpackpico|

      Can anyone else confirm that this app is not yet available in the Philippine App Store?

    • @jetpackpico I just logged in my U.S. and Philippine iTunes account. You’re right, it’s not available in the Philippine App Store

    • As somebody who doesn’t really reveal my location online (I don’t check in on Foursquare), I’m still trying to figure out what I can do with Latitude. So far, the only uses I can think of are tracking everybody on a road trip (if you don’t stay with a convoy or your convoy gets broken up), and tracking team members involved in a time-sensitive project (e.g. event planning & coordination). Otherwise, I’m not too keen on sharing my location with others. I’m wondering what other users think of the service.

      Since I don’t personally know a lot of people here in Manila with Android phones (and unlimited data plans to boot), Latitude is still of no use to me. I hope this port to the iPhone gives it at least a little steam.

    • Allan David|

      Latitude would come in handy for parents who want to keep track of their kids provided, of course, it’s not turned off :)

    • sneaky|

      Lattitude is not yet available in iTunes Store Philippines. I guess I have to wait…

    • @Allan:
      I have an Android app that lets others (or me) send an SMS (with a PIN, of course) to my phone, and get a reply with my phone’s location. It’s not as intrusive as Latitude and doesn’t require the phone to be constantly connected via GPS. I’m going off-topic here already though, so that’s all I’ll say for now.

    • Allan David|

      I’m not familiar with the Android app your referring to, but Globe has somewhat of a similar service called Tracker. You just send an SMS and you’ll get a reply of the person’s location. My problem with that kind of tracking service, if ever it is the same, is that it’s not accurate. It just gives you an approximation of the location.

      The thing I like about Latitude…and I’m not yet sure about this…is its more accurate. Its supposedly real-time and allows you to view the location down to the street level.

      Actually, there are 3rd party apps out now in the Philippine App Store that can already access Google Latitude. This one is just the official app from Google.

    • @Allan
      The Android app is callled Pintail. I tried it indoors with my GPS off, and placed me within a 1km radius of my actual location. My guess is that’s about as accurate as Globe’s tracker can get too. I set Pintail to give the most accurate location it can, so it gives a much more precise location if (that’s a big if though) GPS is on.

      You’re right about Latitude, or really anything that’s GPS based, for that matter – it’s more accurate. Most GPS-equipped phones are accurate to within 5 meters depending on how much clear sky you have above you. Based on live uploads of SportsTracker from my old Nokia, real-time locations are accurate to within a minute, or even less.

      This doesn’t come free, of course. GPS tracking and regular uploads means your battery life suffers, and if you don’t have a good data plan, so does your wallet.

    • Allan David|

      You’re right about the data charges, but as far as battery life is concerned, Google says that Latitude app for the iPhone won’t be using GPS while running in the background to preserve battery lie. The update frequency is also varied and determined by several factors – battery life, whether you’re moving or not, and how fast you’re moving.

      Don’t know how effective these measures are in prolonging battery life, but it looks promising on paper :) It’s just a pity though that it’s not available in the local App Store.

    • jushjush|

      It would be cool if this is going to be cross-platform compatible.

    • @Jushjush
      This page says Latitude is available for Android, BB, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and on the web via your computer. I remember having it (but not using it) on my old Nokia e71. For most phones, it’s part of Google Maps – it’s only for the iPhone that it’s a standalone app.

      The fact is that GPS consumes power; and while using it intermittently as opposed to continuously helps slow down battery drain, it still drinks up a lot of juice. I use my GPS in the car when I can charge my phone. I use it on the bike too, but that’s because I want a GPS tracker. I switch it off when I’m indoors since I can’t get a proper fix anyway.

      I think you can set Latitude to save your last location when you switch it (or your GPS) off, and it can also use WiFi and your cell network to determine your location. I can’t find any settings for polling frequency though, so I’m assuming it’ll keep trying to get your latest location until you decide to stop it.

    • Allan David|

      this is just an iPhone app, but there should be no reason why this can’t be used to track your other Latitude buddies using a different mobile platform

    • aimee|

      I am an android user and an owner of an ipod touch 2g. It’s such a disappointment that previous models are not yet supported but the fact that the apps doesn’t really work in the Philippines then it pretty much is not a loss. I haven’t found an application that is related to this app because most apps are for the US only. But i found a pretty good review of this new app. go ahead and take a look

    • Jerson|

      I own an iPod Touch and I don’t find maps/navigation apps very useful here in the Philippines. Not unless you go on a vacation to Singapore.

    • extreme_aljii|


    • eadd44|

      Finally! Something to spy on certain people with! ^_^

    • techieman|

      yea almost all apps are dedicated for U.S. consumers and not for us … I am fond of navigation apps.. But i wish I could find that really works!! surely it will help me not getting lost from unfamiliar places

    • puggy|

      We Can this Apps be Available in the Philippines????


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