YOU ARE HERE: Technoodling Heads up! We’re giving away a Lenovo A60!
Heads up! We’re giving away a Lenovo A60!

Goooooood afternoon, Technoodlings!

We’re giving away something amazingly awesome this week. Do you want to know what it is?

A Lenovo A60! That’s right! We’re giving away a brand new dual SIM Android phone to one lucky winner!

So just how do you win a Lenovo A60? You need to follow these instructions to the T:

1. Follow Technoodling on our Facebook or Twitter page.

2. Do NOT share this contest post. Instead, read and share Digi-Mom’s Street Food Tycoon review using the Twitter or Facebook “SHARE” buttons found on the upper right hand corner of the review (Again! Do NOT share this contest post! Share Digi-Mom’s review!).

3. Answer this question in our comments box below:

What is your favorite street food and why?

4. That’s it! Isn’t it too simple? All you need to do now is check the results to be announced next week to see if you won! The name of our lucky winner will be drawn randomly. Steps 1, 2 and 3 must be followed in order to be eligible to win!

*Only residents of the Philippines are eligible to join this giveaway. The prize will be claimed within Metro Manila.



Kris is a freelance writer, editor and slave who worked with various magazine titles in the past. She has an unhealthy obsession with Coke, salmon sashimi and Hay Day. Like Vic, she is also an Icasas—only less geeky and much, much nicer. Her favorite noodles: Kalamansi Xtra Big Pancit Canton.

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    • durubz|

      My All-time favorite would be FISHBALL! Because its super delicious and the price is very affordable.

    • arch.jsd|

      isaw all the way!!.. :D

    • csugee|

      Isaw! Especially the isaw in UP Diliman! :) It’s super affordable and it’s the most delicious isaw I’ve ever had, plus I can drop by right after class everyday since it’s within campus!

    • rosebelle08|

      Kwek Kwek! :) ) Can’t stop myself from eating it. lalo na because of the sauce :) yummy! :) )

    • starkraft31|

      ISAW! It’s a luxury food for me. . . If I have the luxury of health to eat it! I’ve to lose it in my system fast after eating — exercise, exercise and exercise!

    • sheinedeanna|

      My favorite street food is UPLB’s proven. nothing compares. binabalikan talaga.

    • jvmartija|

      Kwek Kwek or pugo is the best! I can eat up to 12 pieces of these. :)

    • pinkpearl2004|

      My favorite street food is banana-que, esp. bagong luto at maraming arnibal, partnered with sago’t gulaman : )

    • My all time fave street food would be Kwek Kwek!!! yum! yum!

    • jpricacho27|

      My favorite street food is what I and my brother called “BITUDS” its a “bituka ng manok” stripped/cut to little pieces a size of a one peso coin and marinated to a fried-chicken-like mix and deep fried, we just love the taste so much and the crunchiness plus the spicy vinegar sauce you can dip on. Yummy!

    • hfajarit|

      isaw and tenga ng baboy! cheap and delicious!

    • Kwek kwek is the best because quail egg is simply delicious especially when coated in dough! Too much is bad for you but I think it’s worth it! Hahaha!

      In fairness to the game, it’s so interesting haha

    • impulse007|

      Kwek Kwek is my favorite!

    • whackyshots|

      My favorite street food is dirty ice cream in a bun! Sweet and chewy Filipino style!

    • talkintech|

      Crispy Tenga!

    • tan_13heat|

      What is your favorite street food and why?

      Fishballs. The cheapest and nakakabusog kahit na for 20pesos only (40pcs)

    • gladyszap|

      Kwek Kwek definitely! Dipped in vinegar with onions and cucumber!

    • _vtan|

      FISHBALL! simula noon, hanggang ngayon 50 cents pa din. the best! :D

    • mkndavid|

      isaw! why? masarap!

    • aliarboleda|

      My fave streetfood is a toss-up between fishball and squidball, because both are yummy with or without sauce! =)

    • DarkHalf|

      Fishball! Lagi ko pa rin sya hinahanap-hanap, ever since grade school! I love the saltiness/fishiness/crunchiness in a small bundle on a stick, especially when I ask manong to make mine “tostado!” Sarap!!!

    • iamrasec|

      Balut! Don’t ask why hahahaha…. XD

    • Taho. It’s sweet and healthy.

    • Isaw from UPDil! :) Ang sarap kasi pati sauce iniinom ko.

    • arjay|

      Taho FTW! since childhood until now, healthy na masarap pa.

    • Jp2bayan|

      Hot Taho! Sweet, delicious, cheap!

    • Lyra_Belieber|

      It’s got to be Kwek-kwek! It’s the best-tasting street food for me!

    • Dark_purple_ghost|

      Kwek-Kwek…because it’s orange and yummy 8)

    • leyo2809|

      balut – kasi pampalakas ng katawan ng nanlalambot at tuhod:0.

    • albertosay_01|

      Inihaw na ULO ng MANOK! Sarap ng BRAiNS……

    • vangie0415|

      Isaw is the best!

    • iamspikee|

      fish balls with sweet and spicy sauce

    • gianimo|

      Kwek-kwek, perfect gaming comfort food ;D

    • James_T|

      Dirty Ice Cream! When sandwiched with pandesal, it tastes very good and very sweet! :D

    • Karyoka! Walang tatalo sa malagkit na pinirito at nilagyan ng pulang asukal! Dahil sa malagkit at matamis ito! Talagang hinahanap-hanap ko ‘to.

    • loorraine|

      My favorite streetfood is KWEK KWEK! Because I love pugo and the breading and the suka and the pipino! EVERYTHING!!!!

    • Ej_tubs|

      Isaw! The best.tasting.street food.ever.

    • znjndmawn|

      Isaw ng manok is my favorite. I like it because is tastes great even though it doesn’t look appetizing.

    • mikko_admu|

      Banana Cue! The Philippines’ banana export industry is the 3rd largest in the world, therefore bananas in the Philippines taste great!

    • my favorite street food is kwek-kwek and mais….because they are both attractive and delicious to eat, and it isn’t usually bought and cooked at home.

      my twitter share of the review:

    • my favorite street food is kwek-kwek and mais….because they are both attractive and delicious to eat, and it isn’t usually bought and cooked at home.

    • matt_pua|

      Squidballs and Kikiam! I like it because its nakakabusog especially if the sweet sauce is so delicious!!!!

    • Alan Lagmay|

      Favorite street food is chicken balls!! Although quite expensive as compared to fish balls, I do get the most out of chicken balls! Everybody loves chicken :) It’s also a tangy bit spicier naturally, so dipping it in sweet&spicy sauce brings more kick!

    • arvie|

      Proven – Masarap, pwedeng iulam sa kanin pwede din sa stick lang… Sikat na street food sa biñan laguna.

    • jnparaiso|

      Isaw! comfort food. Isaw is fatty but sometimes you just have to give in to satisfy your craving!

    • laurence|

      Kwek-kwek!!! Masarap na, pwede pang gawing ulam kasama ang kanin.

    • laurence|

      Kwek-kwek!!! Meryenda at ulam in one!

    • kreaport|

      fish ball and kwek-kwek :)

    • cybernal|

      I am a big fan of balut! it satisfies my midnight hunger. :D

    • jorussic|

      Isaw is my favorite street food! Because I get to enjoy it with my wife who also likes isaw!


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