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Hex Recon 13″ and 15″ Laptop Sleeve Review

There aren’t two ways of looking at them – they’re your basic laptop sleeves, plain and simple. No frills whatsoever, and therein lies their charm.

They’re made by Hex, that California-based company known around here largely for their classy iPod nano watchbands. We’ll have you know they also produce classy laptop bags, cases, backpacks – and sleeves. Their underlying general characteristic is the quality and class that comes through in their products, and their laptop sleeves are no exception.

Part of their 2012 product line, the Hex Recon Laptop Sleeves come in two sizes, the 13″ and the 15″ variants. If you own laptops in other sizes (let’s say you might own a diminutive 11-incher, or a big 17-incher or larger) , you’re out of luck; you’re better off looking at other lines. But these two sizes cover the majority of laptops out there, which I guess is why Hex concentrated on them.

The two models given to me to review was a 13″ Charcoal Wool Laptop Sleeve, and a 15″ Khaki Washed Canvas Laptop Sleeve. For the life of me, I honestly didn’t know how to properly review such a simple thing. It’s a computer sleeve, and you slip your laptop into it and zip it up. That’s it. It opens at the top only with two leather-tabbed zippers, and it doesn’t open fully around. There are no extra pockets or extra pouches for you to stash your charger, no place to store your extra cables, no extra openings to put your USB drive into.

But that’s precisely why it’s so nice and so cool looking. It stores your laptop in a sleeve, and that’s all it does. The material the sleeves are made from are from the classy stuff, and you can tell; they have a nice, masculine finish that speaks of rich, supple luggage. The sides have a nice thick padding that improves protection, and the material has a water resistant coating. The zippers are tough and sturdy, with two leather-tabbed handles so you can easily open them, and they’re ready to pass through airport security easily. I can imagine you slipping the sleeve into a bigger bag, or maybe even luggage.

Other than that, there’s nothing left to say. The Hex Recon Laptop Sleeves are all business, and are meant to stay that way.

Availability: Power Mac Center, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Beyond The Box

Price: Php 1,950


  • Nice classy material
  • Sturdy construction


  • No extra pockets for anything else


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