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How to get your Flappy Bird fix!

Flappy Bird! It’s the app that exploded into popularity one week… and was gone the next as its developer, Dong Nguyen, quickly felt tortured by the trappings of its wild success.

It’s gone now from the app stores… and now people are cashing in. Over on American eBay, for instance, there are people who are selling their iPhones that have Flappy Bird installed on it. That’s nuts.

And then there are the scores of Flappy Bird imitation apps that have mushroomed, to the point that just yesterday, Google and Apple have both announced that they will no longer be accepting any new apps that have the word “Flappy” on it because these are purposely misleading.

So, what’s a person who has a hankering for some flapping gotta do?

Android users

First off, if you’re an Android user, you got no problems. The original Flappy Bird file is still floating around, so you simply have to side-load it to your Android (i.e. install it not via the Play store). The trick is to find a trustworthy source… or else you might get fooled by some virus-infested scam app.

Here’s a trustworthy one, courtesy of the XDA Developers Forum. Or hey, just scan the following QR code:

Original Flappy Bird download

Original Flappy Bird download

Apple iOS users

Since a take-down on the iTunes store means you can’t get the file (unless your device happens to be jailbroken), then you will unfortunately have to settle on… the fakers.

Well, guess what’s number one on the iTunes game market right now? It’s an app that’s called (brace yourself) Splashy Fish. And it is a brazen, unabashed, unapologetic imitation of Flappy Bird… but with fins. I mean, dig the subtitle: “The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish” Brrrr.

Splashy Bird

So yeah. There’s that. If you’re that desperate, you can download this sorry opportunistic app via iTunes here.





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