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HP: webOS going open source

Once heralded as the savior of Palm, webOS became the last hurrah for the company before they were eventually bought by HP. Under new management, many were looking forward to a brighter future for webOS, but alas, it never came to be. On the contrary, it turned gloomy and bleak when HP announced they’d cease production of webOS devices.

So where’s webOS now?

It’s pretty much in limbo. It’s still owned by HP, but it’s going nowhere under their care.

That’s changing soon though as the now Meg Whitman-led company has announced webOS is going open source.

And if you think going open source is a bad move, remember, Android is also open source, and look at where Android is right now. Of course, they’re two completely different beasts altogether. However, if there’s one thing Android does prove is that open source can have a success story, and that’s prolly what HP is hoping for their stagnant webOS platform.

It’s still not a guarantee though that webOS will finally have a happy ending. But at least it’s now got a next chapter to its life as opposed to just a sad The End.

Full press release here.

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