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HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich: Panorama sample photos

If you’ve read my HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich review, you prolly noticed two things – my error in the 1.2GHz processor upgrade (it wasn’t upgraded) and my bitchin’ it didn’t come with simultaneous photo and video recording.

The bit about the processor upgrade isn’t really much of an issue ‘cause it’s wickedly much faster after the ICS jump despite still running on the same processor. I can’t say the same though about the latter. It’s a good thing, though, I discovered a new treat in the photo app, which has been one of my most used features as of a late – Panorama mode.

Its name pretty much says it all. This Ice Cream Sandwich camera feature lets you take a panorama photo in a single shot by sweeping/moving your phone across the scene you want to capture. Other phone makers actually call this Panorama sweep.

Here’s a short video I put together to better show you how it works:

Easy, right?

And the results are – in one wordKICK-ASS!

Here’s a couple of Mt. Pinatubo trekking shots I took, which really wouldn’t have been possible had I not upgraded my HTC Sensation to Ice Cream Sandwich prior to my great adventure, as proof of just how awesome and nifty this new feature really is:

Just don’t zoom in (or at least, not that much). If you do, you’ll then notice that the shots aren’t actually not as sharp and hi-res as it looks. And the stitching, in some of the shots, are quite evident upon close inspection.

So, no, the Ice Cream Sandwich-souped up HTC Sensation can’t exactly churn out billboard-quality shots in Panorama mode.

But hey, you got to admit, it still rocks! And the sometimes flawed stitching (check out the 2nd sample photo, the vertical panorama shot) adds unique twist to what otherwise would have been another typical snapshot.

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