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Huawei going upscale! Ascend P6 will be thinnest smartphone ever


Huawei is actually one of the world’s largest mobile phone makers (thank you, China and your enormous population). But it hasn’t exactly had a reputation for being an upscale brand. More often, Huawei is associated with affordability and low-cost devices.

Perhaps not anymore. In a few hours, Huawei will be launching its Huawei Ascend P6 at a grand event in London, in a glitz-and-glamor event normally seen for Apple and (to some degree) Samsung launches. Yes, Huawei wants to be one of the big brands in the mobile market.

And they’re getting there by offering what will become the thinnest smartphone ever.20130618-Huawei-Ascend-P6-Technoodling

The P6 is expected to be just 6.18mm thick (the iPhone 5 clocks in at 7.6mm). That alone is compelling enough reason to consider getting this phone.

Result? As of the moment, the P6 already has about two million reservations thus far. That’s an awesome feat for a supposedly underdog brand. But hey, there’s nothing like “World’s Thinnest” to perk up people’s ears.

Not to mention the pretty sharp design and the impressive (to be confirmed) specs: it’s a dual-SIM Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) smartphone with a large 4.7″ 720 x 1280 display, quad-core processor, 8MP main and 5MP front camera, and 8GB of onboard memory. And it weighs in at only 120 grams.

Those are fighting specs. The Ascend P1 was already a killer in its class. The P6 looks like it could bring the ship home for Huawei. Perhaps it could singlehandedly up the company’s street cred globally.



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