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iBattz Mojo Treble Key with Card Reader review

Pound for pound (or in this case, gram for gram), the iBattz Mojo Treble Key with Card Reader has got to be the most useful accessory in the bag right now. How useful? Well, let’s just say it works with most of the gadgets I carry with me everyday.

Inside the packaging: iBattz Treble Key with Card Reader, a charm strap and carabiner hook

Roughly the size of a match box, the iBattz Mojo is a veritable geeky version of a swiss army knife. It’s a USB iPod Dock connector, a micro USB cable, a micro SD card reader and an iPhone/iPad SIM card ejector. Seems like a mouthful right? But iBattz successfully managed to incorporate all of those functions into a small product.

To give you an idea on how small the iBattz Mojo Treble Key is, here's a size comparison with the iPhone 4S

When not in use, the iBattz Mojo is tucked into a neat piece of solid plastic. When in use, the iBattz Mojo is separated into two pieces which is connected by a short yet thick cable. On one piece is the iPod Dock connector, micro USB plug and micro SD card reader slot. On the other piece is the pivoting USB plug and iPhone/iPad SIM card ejector.

On one end, the iPod Dock Connector plug, Micro USB plug and micro SD card reader. On the other end, the USB plug and iPhone/iPad SIM card tray ejector

Using it is quite simple: seperate the two pieces, plug one end into a USB port and on the other end, attach the device that’s in need of a charge or for syncing. A toggle lets you switch the iBattz to either a USB cable or Micro SD card reader.


There’s really not much to say about the iBattz Mojo Treble Key other than it is one hell of a product, it has successfully replaced a bunch of accessory and has made my daily commuter bag slightly lighter and less cluttered. At the price of Php 1,190, it is totally worth it.


Php 1,190


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