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If your Android won’t play Angry Birds, here’s why

The only thing that makes me want to buy an iPod Touch is Angry Birds. Nothing else. So when I found out that Rovio was finally releasing Angry Birds on the Android, I was ecstatic! The moment it was on the Android Market I immediately downloaded this much-awaited game, patiently waited for the installation to finish, finally started that game and…

Nothing. What the heck happened?!

Well, apparently Angry Birds doesn’t work on my old G1. In fact, Rovio said that the game wouldn’t run on any Android handset with a processor slower than 800Mhz. That’s quite a lot of phones. Mostly old phones, that is. The newer generation of Android phones come equipped with 1Ghz processors. So those happy owners get to run Angry Birds.

But never fear! Rovio, despite not wanting to maintain multiple versions of their game, decided to make a light version for their many fans who are stuck with rather slow phones like mine. We’ll let you bird fans know when that one comes out.



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    • Rossissurfing|

      Hmmm… That’s not entirely true. I installed Angry Birds to my LG Optimus One which is powered by a 600MHz processor Android Froyo and runs just fine.

    • @Rossisurfing

      Good for you! Meanwhile my Spica, which has an 800MHz processor, is horribly SLUGGISH. Angry Birds is unplayable.

      Makes me want to get an Optimus One then!

    • techieman|

      I am so surprised how this game so fled the nation in awe… But no matter whats your processor Im still playing this!! wahahaha… dont you think angry birds be fun if we could install it on PC’s?


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