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Innerexile iPhone 5 case review

Slim cases are definitely in, especially on the iPhone 5. Lots of users are quite picky when it comes to cases and are willing to add only the minimal amount of bulk on the svelte phone. Innerexile, one of the up and coming case makers, has come up with a couple of models that are targeted for these slim case aficionados.

Innerexile Mono
Price: Php 1,200

Staying true to its name, the Innerexile Mono case for the iPhone 5 is made up of only one material (polycarbonate) and has only one shade of color (available in black, white and transparent). The case itself has a very simple design, which is perfect for those looking for a minimalist look for their iPhone casing. Being made of Polycarbonate, the Innerexile Mono is rigid and tough while still having a thickness of only 1mm.

The surface of the Mono has been applied with a matte coating finish that not only make the case look good, but give it a grippy surface as well. I wouldn’t classify the Innerexile Mono as a ruggedized case, but I’m confident that it can provide ample protection from drops and scratches up to a certain degree.

Overall, the mono is a no-frills, high quality case. Simple yet elegant, it jives with the overall look of the iPhone 5. The Black and White color variant of the Mono case is quite nice, but I’m a bit partial to the transparent one.

Innerexile Odyssey 5
Price: Php 3,990

The Innerexile Odyssey 5 case is quite “up-there” in terms of pricing, at Php 3,200, it’s roughly 10 percent of the price of a brand new iPhone 5. Why the high price? The Odyssey 5 is actually one of the few aluminum bumper cases that’s out in the market. Making an iPhone case out of aluminum is not an easy feat and, from what I’ve learned from Innerexile, the whole machine-driven process of creating a single Odyssey 5 case takes 45 minutes. In today’s age of factory-churned items, 45 minutes is a lot of time. The end result is pretty nice: an aluminum bumper with a removable hard plastic back cover.

I’ve had the experience of using aluminum cases on my previous iPhones and, boy, are they a bitch to attach to the iPhone. Most of the aluminum cases even requires fancy tools and screws to attach. But not with the Odyssey 5. Innerexile has managed to design an aluminum bumper that is separated into two pieces and then attached to the iPhone 5 by way of a quick and easy clip-on system. Inserting and removing the iPhone 5 from the Odyssey 5 case takes only a few seconds.

Due to the property of aluminum, the Odyssey 5 does add a bit of weight to the iPhone, but it is exquisitely made and makes the iPhone feel even more expensive. Being a long-time Apple user, I have this strange affinity with aluminum and the Odyssey 5 successfully conveys the image of slickness and durability that’s synonymous with Apple products.

It may be pricey, but you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a classy and durable aluminum case, nothing comes close to the Odyssey 5.


Innerexile Mono = Php 1,200

Innerexile Odyssey 5 = Php 3,990


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