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Intel previews the Acer Liquid C1 Android smartphone

Outgoing Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag with the Acer Liquid C1

Intel had a bit of a treat for us the other day. Head honcho Ricky Banaag introduced a bunch of us tech folks to Acer’s upcoming Liquid C1 Android smartphone.

You might be wondering what Intel might have to do with an Acer smartphone. Well, the Liquid C1 is powered by Intel’s Atom Z2420 “Lexington” processor, which Intel says provides a “multi-media experience built and targeted for emerging markets.” Additionally, the Liquid C1 will be the very first Intel-powered smartphone to hit the fast-growing and thus increasingly important Philippine market when said phone sees the light of day, and this will mark a significant milestone for both Intel and Acer.

The ICS-running Liquid C1 is a midrange smartphone with a 4.3″ IPS screen that incorporates an interesting blend of both low-cost and high-performance features, including HSPA+, an advanced graphics engine and an 8MP camera with burst mode. The Intel folks claim that these features enable rapid web-browsing, high-performance imaging and video, and smooth casual gaming when out and about, helping contribute to “premier consumer experiences.”

Up close and personal with the Acer Liquid C1

To support these assertions, the Intel guys trotted out independent assessments from reputable third parties such as Anand Lai Shimpi (who conducted a Google Octane Benchmark test in which the Atom-powered Motorola Droid RAZR i bested the iPhone 5, HTC One X and other challengers) and the experts at The Verge (who pitted the ARM-powered RAZR M against the Intel-running RAZR i and discovered that the Intel-powered phone was “far more frugal with power” than its otherwise identical Snapdragon-powered brother).

If the Acer Liquid C1 floats your boat, you might be delighted to learn that this is far from a one-off thing; this Intel-Acer collaboration will bear more fruit (i.e. more devices with “Intel Inside”) at later dates. Intel has also been working hand in glove with other hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo, ZTE, European brand Orange and Indian firm LAVA, which have already released other Intel-powered phones elsewhere and, along with other manufacturers, are gearing up to bring more to market in the very near future.

Oh, and by the way, while Intel was understandably a little bit stingy with further details, they did inform us that Acer will formally launch the Liquid C1 next week. So if your interest’s been piqued, check back with us then to learn more about the phone (including its launch price, another detail Intel wouldn’t mention during the event).



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