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iPad 3 vs iPad 2 concrete drop test: Guess who wins?

When pitting the iPad 2 against the new iPad, some things are as clear as day.

Which one’s got the better display? The 2012 iPad.

Which one’s got a better camera? Yep, the 3rd gen iPad.

Which one’s got better graphics? Say it with me –  the iPad 3.

Which ones lighter? You guessed it, the new iPad iPad 2.

However, some things aren’t, such as the question on which iPad’s built tougher.

We can make assumptions – the new iPad prolly wins for most people in this scenario – but why guess when you can see which of the two actually wins in a drop test documented on video below.

Just a fair warning, though, the video can induce a sharp pain to the heart, or something to that effect, especially for those who’ve fallen hed over heels for Apple’s iOS tablet:

It’s obvious who the winner here is, but even though the iPad 2 ends up with less damage, it’s hard to really celebrate its victory given the poor state its in after the grueling test.


iPad 2 is tougher than the iPad 3, mainly because it’s just lighter. Concrete, however, trumps both iPads anytime of the day.

via Redmondpie

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    • it pains to see them willing to damage their ipad for a theory oh just give it to me hahaha


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