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iPhone 4S pre-order: Sold out at Apple, AT&T, Verizon

Say what you will about Apple’s new iPhone, the iPhone 4S but, just like its predecessor, its just set a record even before its release.

Apple, AT&T and Verizon have all sold out their iPhone 4S pre-order stocks. Sprint, for their part, has already run out of 16GB iPhone 4S stock.

Last year, Apple and AT&T also cleared out their pre-order inventory for the then new iPhone, the iPhone 4. But this was sort of expected already, given the number of new treats the iPhone 4 had to offer, first and foremost being its new glass front and back design.

The iPhone 4S, to many, was a big letdown. But pre-sales of it so far, at least in the US, seems to indicate otherwise.

Either that, or its already become a novelty as a result Steve Jobs’ death. The iPhone 4S is, after all, the last iPhone to have been launched while Jobs was alive, though we’re pretty sure he’s had his hand dipped into the next couple or so iPhone models that are likely already in the pipeline.

But will the iPhone 4S be as big a hit as the iPhone 4? That’s probably what Apple is hoping for. And if Steve Jobs continues to be as big an influence even after his death, the iPhone 4S might could even turn out to be the biggest-selling iPhone since Apple joined the mobile phone scene.

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