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iPhone 5 launch set for early October?

It’s September already, and you know what that means – it’s iPhone 5 countdown time! Unfortunately, we still don’t have an exact launch date to look forward to. Rumors say it’ll happen this week though there’s no solid evidence to back this up.

What we do have is a report by Bloomberg and a leak from Best Buy posted by BGR to help us pin a possible iPhone 5 launch timeframe.

According to Bloomberg, Deutsche Telekom has already begun taking pre-orders for the new iPhone, which means its release should be somewhere just around the corner. For those curious if it’s the same case here in the Philippines, sorry guys, but it’s a no. Local carrier partner Globe hasn’t begun accepting pre-orders yet for the iPhone 5.

The report by BGR, however, gives us more helpful info as the leaked Best Buy memo (pictured above) reveals the iPhone 5 will launch in the first week of October in the US. It doesn’t quite jive with earlier reports saying Apple will unveil the newest iPhone this month, which is supported by a little bit of history, but hey, if it’s really going to happen in October, no amount of rumors can change that. And given that no invites have been sent out yet for a forthcoming Apple event, we’re more inclined to believe it’ll formally be introduced to the public sometime in October.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens in the coming days.

Allan David

Allan David

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    • tineann|

      lot of changes this year…im still not used to reading “ex-ceo” steve jobs :D ..and no Apple Media event on first week of sept (was a big ipod fan before the iphone so I usually look forward to this event yearly). and iPhone not released on june/july as before. :-/ nonetheless, iOS 5 iWant you…now! =)


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